Saturday, April 26, 2014

why i LOVE working for jamberry.

today is jamess birthday. happy birthday james. hope you enjoy all of the special surprises that i have planned today (and that you havent figured them all out yet....)!

so obviously were going to be out of the house all day. so instead of whatever it was i had originally put on the blog calendar for today. im just going to take a minute to rave about how much i LOVE working for jamberry. 

i mean really. 

after a less-than-satisfying run as an avon rep when i was in college, i was pretty sure that direct sales wasnt for me. 

but jamberry is different. jamberry is a single, straightforward product (that happens to be AWESOME) at one price point, that basically sells itself once people try it. oh, and once you sign up, there is tons and tons and TONS of help and support and encouragement, not only from jamberry directly, but also from the other consultants. seriously, theres no territorial competition to out sell all the other consultants, instead, theres a genuine, helpful support from all the other ladies that are doing the same thing. its amazing. 

now, i started my first jamberry party about a month ago, and ive ALREADY: 

1. made about the same amount of money id have made from my teaching position at joanns (from home, in my spare time, no less). im not consistently making a full blown part time income, but, ive only just started. 

2. earned $177 in free product from my launch party AND a $75 product credit for completing my first fast start goal, so basically i never have to pay for jamberries ever again. 

3. added my first team member (the lovely jessica from the reinvention of jessica). 

4. completed two parties AND booked three more (with a couple maybes for the future).

5. was able to quit my dead-end job and pursue something with the potential to make more money in the future (and you know, not be super stressed out about spending all my free time making no money at a job i hate, thats a plus). 

6. completely paid back my WHOLE initial investment with my first party alone (consultant kit, business cards, and the ENTIRE book of stamps i used to mail out samples), so its ALL profit from here. 

and 7. gotten a promotion! in all the jobs ive had, I've NEVER gotten a promotion, so this one was particularly exciting. 

but im not sharing all of this to brag.  im sharing all of this because spent YEARS trying to figure out a way to legitimately work from home so that i could stay home with alice and not be stressed out and gone every saturday and be able to take things slow when my fibro is flaring up. its only been a month and jamberry has ALREADY been a HUGE help in this department. 

im sharing this because i want to help. jamberry has been a dream come true for us in so many ways, and i can not just sit on it by myself when i know there are lots and lots of ladies out there in blog land that really could use an opportunity like this. 

so if you, like me, have been looking for a completely legitimate way to work from home, thats totally fun and doesnt take a large up-front investment (i know, it sounds too good to be true, but i SWEAR its not, id never lie to you about this, actually, i was really hesitant to even write about my experience with jamberry until i was SURE that it was worth it), jamberry might be worth your consideration. i mean, theres really not a whole lot to lose. 

and id love to help you get started. 

because who wouldnt want to get paid for talking about nails on facebook? i mean, dont we all do that for free anyway?


  1. I started with Thirty-One at the beginning of April and have been loving it too!!! We could totally start a community with consultants from different companies.

    PS: I used to do AVON too... Wow was that ever a big mistake, though $10 to start isn't a bad selling point, but that darn thing is a hard sell for sure.

  2. thats awesome! we SHOULD start a blogger consultant group, that would be SO much fun! and omg the avon... from buying the catalogs every month to having to keep an inventory on hand to having to juggle everyones money, i am SO glad that these newer companies have made it easier for us consultants!

    p.s. does thirty-one do online parties?