Saturday, April 5, 2014

happy half birthday alice!

today was a very special day. today alice turned two and a half. also, i quit my job at joanns, but thats a topic for a different day. todays post is all about little miss alice:

after alices last half birthday, when i made her favorite dinner and half a cake, i decided that in the meyers house, half birthdays are a thing. maybe not a big thing, but definitely a favorite dinner and special dessert thing. honestly, since alices half birthday fell on a saturday this year, i really would have liked to go out and do something fun, but i had to go to work. 

so instead, we decided that it could be a lazy stay at home and not get dressed and watch tv kind of day, and after i got home from work (which was only three hours or so), we could have her favorite dinner and a special dessert. 

and everything went according to plan. well.... except for at one point while i was cooking dinner we found that alice had apparently helped herself to some crafts. in the form of real scissors and an index card:

good news though! alice totally knows how to use real scissors! (just, dont ask me why shes wearing her cinderella dress tied around her waist like an apron, because i do NOT know). 

then it was time for dinner, now, alices palate has matured slightly since last year, and her favorite dinner is now grilled salmon with roasted broccoli and accordion potatoes:

though i accidentally bought the wrong size of potatoes this week so i invented a new way of making crispy potatoes instead. stay tuned for the recipe post as soon as i perfect the cooking time because these were the BEST potatoes ive EVER made. 

after that, because alice was a very good girl and ate almost all of her dinner (im not being sarcastic), it was time for cupcakes:

 funny story: as i was getting the stuff ready to make the cake batter, i asked alice "which do you want, little cupcakes or a big cake with slices?" to which she responded, "i want frosting on it", which i suppose was a relevant request, but not what i was asking. so i asked again, and she said "i want four", so naturally i say "four of what? four is not an answer as to whether or not you want cupcakes or a big cake!". "four cupcakes". so, cupcakes it was. 

(even though alice isnt gluten free, i had this mix from cherry brook kitchen lingering in the pantry so i used that, and, they werent terrible. not as good as actual cake, but not bad). 

so that was our day, happy half birthday alice, and heres to many, many more!


  1. Aww that's super cute! I want to start celebrating half birthdays! Did you let her eat four cupcakes?
    Happy half birthday Alice!

  2. half birthdays are a great excuse to eat more cake! ha, alice REALLY wanted her four cupcakes, but in the end we decided two cupcakes was enough for a two year old.

  3. My son's half birthday is this month, too! He'll be 18 months and I think it's a great time to start acknowledging half birthdays! As an only child I always (verbally) recognized my half birthday. I love a good excuse for cake!

    And I love how focused Alice is in the scissor picture. My son wants scissors SO BADLY, and is not happy when I tell him he's not quite ready for them.

  4. aw! you should totally do a little something for his half birthday!

    alice got some safety scissors in an art set she got for her birthday, and she figured those out real quick, and somehow thinks shes allowed to use real scissors unsupervised (shes not).