Saturday, February 1, 2014

february call for sponsors.

of course you do!

why? because january saw HUGE growth all across the board: page views, followers, reader engagement (tweets, comments, etc.). here are the new numbers, if you need some hard evidence:

(as of 2/1/14)

bloglovin: 167
twitter: 326
facebook: 166
GFC/ google +: 24
total reach: 715
avg. daily pageviews: 120+
pageviews last month: 3700 +

I've got big, big plans for poverty luxe in the coming months and id LOVE to take you along for the ride. also, if things at poverty luxe continue to grow in this manner (which I'm going to do my very best to make sure they do!) my sponsorship prices are probably going to go up a little bit in march. so snag those cheap ads while you can! be sure to check out my sponsorship page for more details!

oh! and one more thing, this month, i want to do something nice for all my blog friends out there. so, my friday takeover guest post spots are FREE with code "guestpost".

hope everyones having a great weekend! (were stuck at home with a nasty flu, so...)

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