Monday, February 10, 2014

new skirts! (shop preview + weekly wishes)

happy monday everyone! i was hoping to have something fun to share from the weekend, since we were basically busy non-stop, but saturday night we went out to dinner and i ended up being sick all day yesterday (and still a little bit today). but the good news is that i did some research and I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to msg, and as long as i don't eat at restaurants this probably won't happen again! (sarcasm)

anyway, for the most part, were back to monday as usual (or at least, as usual as possible with a lingering migraine), and while i don't have pictures of the super adorable bake sale my mom put on for the upcoming mission trips at church, i do have pictures of all the new skirts that I've been working on (and should be up in the shop sometime tomorrow)!

i was going to wait until they were actually listed before sharing them with you guys, but you know what? I'm WAY to excited about this bunch to not show them off.

first, there were a couple new toddler skirts:

then i have a few longer, plain (pocketless) skirts:

these two are actually plus size (they're pinned to fit me, but I've had a few requests for more plus-size skirts):

of course, most of the batch was pocket skirts, since i think those are really my bread and butter. theres one in the jungle print to match the toddler version (perfect for mother-daughter matching!):

then not one, not two, but THREE power puff girls skirts!

but thats not the best part, i also managed to find this FANTASTIC rambo fabric:

actually, i lied. thats not the best part either. this is the best part, i have TWO of the most absolutely positively amazing BATTLESTAR GALACTICA skirts that are quite possible the very best thing I've ever made (I'm allowed to say that about myself, right?):

 like i said, these lovelies aren't in the shop yet, but they will be very soon. however! if there is something that you NEED to get RIGHT NOW, let me know in the comments and we can make special arrangements. 

now how about my progress on this months goals? so far were doing pretty good! i filed our taxes on tuesday (all by myself, too!), so next up i want to do some research on what types of papers are important to keep (and for how long) so that i can gut the file box. 

also, I'm basically done cleaning out my clothes. theres about three trash bags or so, that need to go, just from my side of the closet. which is totally weird because i know i did not buy three trash bags of clothes since last time i cleaned out my closet (about a year ago), but i guess i did get a lot of hand me downs. now i need to sort out what might be sellable and what just needs to go to goodwill, and also go to ikea for some skirt hangers because I'm way short on those. 

and! as an added bonus, james was in a furniture-moving mood today (not really my favorite mood of his, but oh well), so now the living room is squeaky clean! oh, and i have a super awesome new workspace, but mostly everythings super clean!

the other stuff, like alices things, the kitchen, the computer things, and my crafts, i haven't gotten to those yet, but those should be easy compared to the closets/living room clutter. 

so, what do you think of the new skirts? which ones your favorite? what kinds of fabrics would you like to see in the next batch?


  1. I love the Powerpuff girls skirts! And I have to agree with you, whenever it comes to skirts and dresses, I always get extra excited about the ones with pockets!

  2. thank you! i am OBSESSED with skirts and dresses with pockets, that particular skirt design was the result of spending a few months trying to merge my three or four favorite skirts!

  3. I seriously wish I could pull off skirts better, these are adorable! WTG on the wishes goals btw!

  4. Your skirts are AMAZING! I love them ALL!
    yay for clearing out lotsa stuff to give away/throw. Always such a satisfying feeling that follows, right?
    I definitely understand your feelings about furniture-moving. When my dad moves the furniture, everyone is like oh noooo, whyyy? But if it makes more room, why not? :D
    good luck with your goals this week!

  5. thank you! i think this bunch is my favorite that I've ever done.

    cleaning out the closets definitely feels GREAT, but on the other hand, its kind of confusing how i pulled out THAT much stuff and my closet isn't any emptier... I'm kind of ocd so furniture moving really freaks me out, but james seems to have embraced his role as head decorator in the family...