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sponsor spotlight: katie of something winnderful.

hey everyone! I've got a really special treat for you guys. today you get to meet the lovely lady thats hanging out at the bottom of all my posts this month, katie of something winnderful:

ive had a great time getting to know katie, both before and during her sponsorship, and I'm REALLY excited to introduce her to all of you! shes got a very special guest post coming up later everybody, say hi to katie!

Hey there! I'm Katie Winn and my blog is Something Winnderful (get it? 'winn'derful?).  It is a lifestyle blog where I write about living a positive, loving, and healthy life.  I'm doing my best to plan a wedding, simplify my home, spread love and positivity, and become healthier both mentally and physically.

how long have you been blogging, and what got you started?

I've been blogging off and on for the past few years, mostly to just practice the skill while I was earning my communications degree.  Last January I decided to officially commit to writing a blog as a way to keep my writing and social media skills in check and to promote an Etsy store I had at the time.  In June I decided to commit to self hosting and changing the focus of the blog.  This past year has taught me a lot about blogging and I finally feel as though I've finally found my groove.

what are your favorite blogs to read and why?  

I'm super into learning and the whole self help genre (don't judge me).  I'm going to be all over anything that teaches me about blogging, writing, entrepreneurship, or freelancing.  I'm in the process of starting my own side business and I've been pouring through any freelancing entrepreneur blog I find.  I also love lifestyle blogs that I can relate too and have a real positive and happy vibe.  If the blog makes me laugh or smile, I'm all for it.

whats the biggest lesson you've learned from blogging, and advice do you have for new bloggers starting out?  

The biggest lesson I've learned from blogging is that you don't ever really have it all figured out.  Especially when it comes to your niche.  All the blogging tips preach how important it is to find your blogging niche, but I never realized doing so was more of a process as opposed to a decision.  In the beginning I would post about fashion and different products I liked...and I'm ashamed of it.  I love clothes and style, but fashion doesn't get me pumped and it sure as hell doesn't make me want to write a blog post.  If I could give advice to a new blogger, I would say don't feel like you have to know 100% what you are going to blog about immediately.  Just start writing about what excites you and the purpose of your blog will eventually reveal itself.

what do you like to do outside of blogging?  

I love dancing.  I work as a dance teacher and it's so much fun watching my students learn and grow while having so much fun.  I also have a fiance and a big 'ole yellow lab that I'm obsessed with.  I've become one of those people who refer to their pet as their child, and I feel no shame about it.  I love adventures and trying new things.  I much rather collect experiences over things.  I want Carl and I to become an old couple with lots and lots of stories and pictures of the crazy things we've done over the years, as opposed ones with a house full of items they never used.  

five random facts about you:  

1. I have exercise induced hiccups.  Seriously.  They used to be considered chronic hiccups (my doctor literally called them chronic hiccups) because I would hiccup 15-100+ times a day.  Now that I don't dance 8 hours a day they've reduced significantly.  To make things stranger, I inherited it from my dad.

2.  I grew up on a coastal town but only went to the beach maybe 10 times.  I've probably doubled that since turning 18 and going to school, but I still haven't gone near as often as someone who spent 18 years living right by the water should.  My parents were never into the ocean and didn't want to have to worry about us getting caught in a current or anything.  I'm sure number three also played a big role in my lack of beach adventures.  

3.  I'm terrified of the ocean.  For some reason I was a 4 or 5 year old watching Jaws (I'm sure my sibling were to blame) and I vividly remember the scene where the guy in the lake gets eaten.  Scarred me for life.  I'm talking I was afraid to walk on our blue carpet or sit on the toilet type scarred.  My siblings noticed this and terrorized me in the pool.  Being the youngest is great isn't it?  I've since gotten over my fear of touching anything blue or water-like, but I still can't go in the ocean, lakes, ponds, or deep end of the pool without a panic attack.  

4.  I'm a ginger so I have lots of freckles, particularly two really dark (but still small) ones under my left eye.  I've been asked if they are tear drop tattoos more often than I ever thought I would.  Sometimes I say yes just so they'll think I'm that badass.

5.  I'm lactose intolerant but I can fortunately have dairy in little amounts.  I don't know if it's because I'm lactose intolerant but I've always been weirded out by milk.  Once it gets to the expiration date I don't want anything to do with it regardless of how it smells or tastes.  I do love organic chocolate milk and milkshakes though.  If I wasn't lactose intolerant I would live off of them.

isn't katie the greatest? i hope youve had as much fun getting to know her as i have, and please don't forget to check out her blog, and be sure to follow her on twitterFacebookinstagram, and pinterest!

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