Saturday, February 8, 2014

my new favorite wine (aka: everybody make fun of my terrible taste in adult beverages).

last month i worked really, really hard at refreshing my blog content so that it could better reflect my long-term vision for what poverty luxe should be. i got rid of a lot of "filler" posts that nobody was reading (and i didn't like writing them anyway) and spent more time sharing the things that i actually wanted to share, like projectsoutfits, and rants about how much i hate being gluten free. i got SO excited about all the new content changes that februarys editorial calendar got filled up almost instantaneously and it was awesome. 

but, as i was looking at it earlier this week to figure out when i was writing what and what photos needed taken/edited etc. i noticed i forgot something. 

i forgot me. 

meaning, i forgot to include any posts about me and all my weird habits or funny stories or important life lessons or any of the kind of stuff that helps us get to know each other and become best internet friends. 

you know, the kind of stuff that makes this blog a lifestyle blog and not just a mismatched collection of posts that nobody reads because i talked about my personal life and now I'm all likable and relatable and now you'll read my posts about obsessing over groceries and coupons and lists even though you really don't care about either of those things yourself. 

at least, thats how i think blogging is supposed to work. 

so, naturally i spent the past couple days moving things around so that the month is a little more balanced. and then i decided that from now on personal posts are definitely a priority (and in a way I'm glad this happened because at least my overzealous content overhaul made me realize that sharing more about myself on this blog was more important than i thought it was before). 

now how shall we get started?

how about a nice embarrassing confession? those are always fun. 

so here we go:

i have terrible, terrible taste in alcohol. 

and i mean objectively terrible. like, don't ever go to a bar with me if you don't want to be embarrassed because I'm GOING to enthusiastically order something stupid with a name like "blue otter pop" thats made with uv flavored vodka (which, by the way, i actually like). 

like, it makes me legitimately sad that ill never get to have another passionfruit smirnoff ice ever again (malt drinks are a no go for celiacs) because i love that stuff. seriously. i could drink like nine of those (ok, more like one and a half because i have the metabolism of a squirrel, but you know what i mean). 

and "real drinks" like beer and red wine? nope. i had red wine once while wine tasting. it made me barf. I'm not kidding. I'm a terrible presbyterian. 

at home, i usually drink wyders raspberry cider. thats my favorite. its basically soda. its also kind of expensive, and we've been extra broke lately. cheap chardonnay is a close second though. thats basically the only other thing ill drink. 

and sprouts must have read my mind because this:

has been on sale, three bottles for $10 (normally $10 EACH) for like two months now. and i can't get enough. 

its bubbly chardonnay. bubbly. chardonnay. and its $3. did i mention its $3. 

basically a trifecta of all my favorite things. you know how we live in a one bedroom apartment and i don't stockpile anything? well I've been buying three bottles of this every week whether we drink three bottles or not because I'm going to cry when it goes back to regular price and we can't afford it anymore. 

i know its terribly undignified. its got a tacky label and doesn't even have a vintage. but you know what? its delicious and i. don't. care. 

now i want to know, whats your embarrassing guilty pleasure? i promise i won't judge (i mean, IM the one hoarding three dollar soda-wine). 


  1. I have been reorganizing my content as well. I like to use my "Coffee Date Friday" to catch up once or twice a month on "life" since it's a "lifestyle" blog!

  2. There's nothing wrong with Chardonnay! haha! I always drink sweet wines or bubbly ones too!

  3. $3!!! Now I definitely need to find this. And the bottle is cute, which is obviously important ;)

  4. Guilty pleasure=Thrifting....its only embarrassing for my husband though :p

  5. oh yes! my husband LOVES thrifting, and i usually have to go by myself otherwise we come home with WAY too much stuff...

  6. yes! sprouts is really a great store in general (we get most of our groceries there since their produce is fantastic), but they are THE authority on cheap wines.

  7. ha, yeah, i LOVE chardonnay, nothing too sweet though, my favorites are the ones that taste like apples and pears.

  8. i noticed, I've been LOVING your new content lately! Its definitely a challenge to find the right balance between talking about yourself and talking about the other stuff you want to talk about.

  9. seriously. who even pays more than $3 for wine? i certainly can't tell the difference.

  10. Lol exxxactttly my troubles!!