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ten ways to show love today (guest post by katie of something winnderful)

hello everyone! today i have a really special treat for you. you remember katie, from something winnderful, right? (if not, please take a minute to get to know her here) well, today i am so, so happy to have here here on poverty luxe, talking about the AMAZING new linkup she's started and sharing some great ways to show love to the folks around you, obviously i don't want to spoil too much of katies wonderful post so ill get out of the way now...

take it away, katie: 

Hey there Poverty Luxe readers! I'm Katie from Something Winnderful and I've been hanging out at the bottom of Victoria's posts this past month. I'm excited to have been able to sponsor her this month and I'm even more excited to share this post with everyone today. 

 Question for you all: When was the last time you showed someone love? And I don't mean a hug and a quick, "I love you," I mean something that brings a little bit of sunshine into their day. I started 2014 off with the intention of showing love to my fiance every day. We are getting married this May and I feel as though all marriage advice boils down to always showing love and appreciation for your spouse. 

 Not far into 2014 everything changed. My fiance's grandfather passed away less than two weeks into January. It was sudden and a hard time for the family. His grandfather had a spirit that brightened the day of every person he encountered and was the life of the family. It still saddens me to remember the last time I saw him. My fiance and I had just gotten in town from a long trip and we stopped by to pick up our dog. I wanted the visit to be super short and hurry up and get home because I was tired and cranky. If only I had known I would have taken so much more time and shown so much more love. 

 This experience has taught me the importance of love and positivity. I feel inspired to promote love and not let negativity spread through my interactions. My intention to spread more love has done more than infect my personal life, but has evolved into a bigger movement I am bringing to the blogging world. 

 What if we all chose to spread love in some way through our daily lives? 

 This idea lead to the creation of Love It Forward, a link-up I will be hosting twice a month with Chasing Happy and As Always, Kara. But it's much more than just a link-up. It's a whole idea that each one of us can in some way spread more love into the world. 

 We are working to create a community of bloggers (and anyone else) dedicated to sharing the love and inspiring others to do the same. We are encouraging everyone to do some sort of loving act every two weeks (or more!) and then share it in a post. YOU have the ability to brighten someone's day, whether it be from sharing a smile or paying for their food. The opportunities are endless. We want to encourage you to be creative and help inspire others to take action. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Here are ten easy ways you can share love today.
  10 ways to show love today

1. Cook dinner for your parents or a friend. 

2. Make 52 weeks of dates for you significant other. 

3. Pay for the food of the person behind you in the drive thru. 

4. Put the cell phone and laptop down. The people you are with deserve your full attention. 

5. Leave love notes in places for your loved one to find. 

 6. Make Operation Beautiful notes and leave them in dressing rooms and bathroom mirrors at the mall. 

 7. Fill up the parking meter for the person behind you when you leave your parking spot. 

 8. Offer to babysit your siblings or friends children. Every parent deserves a night out away from the kiddos. 

 9. Write someone a letter. Who doesn't like getting nice mail? 

 10. Don't be so hard on yourself. You owe it to yourself to take a break every now and then.

Spreading love to everyone else is important, but you can't forget how important you are. There are so many ways to spread some love into the world. It can be creative or simple, elaborate or straight forward, time-consuming or only take a second. There's no reason to not spread a little love. If you still need help, we even have a Pinterest board to help inspire you with ideas. Be sure to visit the Love It Forward page to get details on how to participate. Not only is it an effort to spread love from person to person, but also blogger to blogger. We want to keep the love going and create a community of positivity and inspiration.

How will you spread some love today?

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