Tuesday, February 4, 2014

basic slouch hat (free crochet pattern!)

hey everyone! hope you're all having a great week so far!

today I've got a free crochet pattern for you guys!

this hat is a really great project for beginning/intermediate crocheters that have a good handle on the fundamentals of crochet, and want to try something a little more advanced, but nothing too crazy. if that sounds like you, then be sure to pin/bookmark this pattern, because i think you'll really like it. 

i mean, 1. its cute, 2. it only takes a couple hours start-to-finish, 2. it doesn't even use a whole skein of yarn, and 4. the basic pattern really has a lot of room as far as customization is concerned (colors, stripes, embellishments, etc.). honestly its one of my favorite quick crochet projects. 

(funny side note: back in the myspace days, i made a LOT of money one summer making custom hats for teenagers who usually paid me by mailing me envelopes of cash exactly like the post office tells you not to do)

just like my spiral lace slouch hat knitting pattern, my favorite yarn to use for this is cannas choice by lion brand, but any worsted weight yarn (or two strands of very thin yarn if you feel like getting crazy) will work wonderfully. just don't use a yarn thats too thick, or your hat WILL be stiff and not slouchy at all. don't say i didn't warn you. 

anyway, heres the pattern:

i really hope you get a chance to try this pattern out, and if you do, PLEASE send me a picture of your cute hats! id love to see what you do with this pattern!

oh! one more thing, if you REALLY want a pdf copy to download to your computer/kindle/ipad/whatever, you can buy one for just $2 right here.

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