Monday, February 3, 2014

monthly wishes.

so, remember how so far this year, all my weekly wishes/monthly wishes posts have been combined with a "regular" post and its been pretty awesome and a lot less boring? well, today, i don't have a "normal" post for you and your stuck with just monthly wishes. 

because all three meyerss spent the latter half of last week with a nasty, nasty flu and basically nothing productive happened between wednesday afternoon and yesterday evening. the good news though is that so far today everything is back to normal! (well, except alice is still kind of tired and cranky and i really, REALLY hope she shapes up in time to go to ballet this afternoon). so while i don't have an outfit or an outing or some other, more interesting post to get us started today, i do have my monthly wishes post ready for you guys!

so without any further ado, i present, februarys monthly theme:

now, funny story: februarys theme was supposed to be "purge". but after what was most definitely the worst stomach flu that this family has ever seen, i decided that that wasn't such a nice word to use. 

but the intention and motivation for this months goals remains the same:

basically our entire house (not that theres much house to begin with) is pretty much overflowing with messes and crap that really get in the way of getting any serious deep-cleaning done and, well, the apartment as a whole is starting to look pretty gross. 

so id like to clean out (and maybe even organize) as much of it as possible so that (hopefully) by the end of the month we can get alice out of the house for the day and REALLY get some deep cleaning done. 

here are just a handful of areas id like to get cleaned up this month, and hopefully we can at least get to most of them:

1. the file box. actually this one should be easy since I'm doing our taxes this week and i can pull everything that needs shredded out at the same time.

2. our closets. I'm kind of midway through this myself, but i need to get it finished so there won't be a giant pile of unwanted clothes monopolizing jamess dresser anymore. 

3. alices clothes and toys. last time i did her laundry i noticed that there weren't any 18 month clothes in it (yeah, she's freakishly tiny, i know), which means two things: 1. she's obviously growing, and 2. its time to get all the tiny 18 month clothes out from taking up all the space in her changing table/dresser. also, while she by no means has a lot of toys, i think its time we go through and sift out whats broken/missing pieces/no longer age appropriate. 

4. files/pictures on the computer. this is mainly so that we can finally back them up in an orderly fashion, but i HATE dealing with computery things so this is going to be difficult. I'm thinking i MAY just have to set a timer and force myself to spend 15-30 minutes a day doing only this until its done. 

5. the kitchen. two things: 1. its been MONTHS since alice has used a sippy cup or any such contraption and those all need to go. 2. the pantry is a total wreck and i can't find anything when i need it and I'm pretty sure theres some stuff in there that were never going to eat. 

6. my craft supplies. so, the good news with finding a solid vision of where i want to go with poverty luxe is that i know exactly what kinds of craft supplies i need to keep in stock. the bad news is i have lots and LOTS of craft supplies that are not those things. 

ok, now that i typed everything out and went back and read it all... um.... this is a pretty huge list. will we be able to do all of it? i don't know. but stay tuned! because I'm sure ill find some time to update you guys on our progress. 

oh, and last weeks wish to prep for doing our taxes? totally done!

happy monday, and hope you have a great week!

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