Tuesday, February 11, 2014

meet the sponsors. february edition.

you know what time it is? its time for you to meet all the beautiful ladies that have been hanging out on my sidebar this month!!!

first up, we have beka of the i love yous. i first "met" beka through my post about how much i hate being gluten free. and you know what? she hates being gluten free too! so, obviously she's my new best friend. 

why don't you tell us more about yourself, beka?

Hey! I'm Beka Castille, & I'm a young newlywed living in the South. I love people, coffee,The Office, and cheesy holiday movies. I blog because if I don't write, I might die (seriously). My husband and I work at a local home & garden center, and in my free time I blog, sell on eBay, and read. I'm also working on starting up my own independent Pampered Chef business. The posts I write are mostly random in content, but I tend to focus on these topics: Biblical femininity, marriage, homemaking, counseling, and how to live joyfully and contentedly no matter what season of life I find myself! 

since valentines day is coming up, how do you show your loved ones that you care?

I'm a big fan of figuring out people's brain types & love languages and you'll often have me ask you within a few minutes of meeting me! I think that people feel cared for in different ways, and I love to discover how my loved ones feel most cared for. My husband feels most loved when I listen to him, and encourage him. My mom on the other hand, just loves me to be around with her & go shopping with her. My sister-in-law is a gifts kind of person - so if I want her to know I care about her - I'll give her chocolate or buy her coffee! 

next up is aukele of 91 dash. aukele is actually the first blogger that i ever sponsored, so I'm really happy to have her sponsoring poverty luxe this month!

so aukele, tell us more about you and your blog:

91 Dash is an ever evolving blog.  It is growing into a community where women can feel completely comfortable in their own skin, encouraged to reach for the stars, and motivated to do something to make their life worthwhile.  In between that, I share recipes, lessons learned through past experiences, life hacks and trends that I'm currently loving.

and how do you make your loved ones feel special?

I show loved ones that I care by doing small gestures without them knowing or asking for it: picking up something for them, cleaning up a mess for them, bringing them lunch, surprising them with their favorite snack.  Things like that.  One of my love languages is definitely touch - so I definitely show love by doing that, a rub, massage, etc. 

favorite posts:

next we have codi, who blogs over at the art of balance, codi is BY FAR the nicest lady on the internet, if you don't know her already, be sure to take some time today to get to know her, i promise you'll love her!

why don't you introduce us to your blog, codi?

My blog is where I share my journey to living a happy life in spite of having anxiety. I write about my successes and failures managing anxiety while hoping to connect with others around the world who've experienced any level of anxiety. I also write about my love for books, animals, and helping others. My blog is a way for me to cultivate more creativity in my life and I hope to inspire others along the way!

and how do you like to show your love?

My fiance and I actually just finished out pre-marriage counseling through our church and during our last class we talked about the 5 Love Languages. I learned that I show my love best through giving gifts. I often spend a lot of time picking out gifts that often have lots of meaning behind them, and I love seeing peoples faces light up when they open my present. I don't believe that presents have to be extravagant at all. For me, it's truly the thought that counts.  

favorite posts:

and finally, we have allie of call me sassafras. you may recognize allie as the wonderful lady behind my blog design, she's the best, really. 

what do we need to know about you, allie?

Hellooo my name is Allie + I blog at Call Me Sassafras. I like dinosaurs and folk music and sleep. I might live off jelly beans. Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal. I like to think that Call Me Sassafras is a blog that celebrates uniqueness, so you'll find all sorts of topics. I blog about music, science, my design work, sarcasm and thoughts on living a happy + productive life.

and whats your favorite way to show family and friends that you care?

I love picking out activities to do with my family and friends. My mom and I have been practicing calligraphy together and my sister and I love to FaceTime because we live far apart!

favorite posts:

im so, so happy that these ladies have chosen to hang out on poverty luxe, and i just wanted to take a minute to say a big THANK YOU to everyone, because theyve all been such wonderful sponsors!  

and i hope that you'll take some time to check out their blogs, you won't regret it!

and what about me? I'm a gifts person. theres nothing i love more than finding the perfect unique gift that i know the other person will love (and use!), like organic vegetable seeds for my mom or high-end flip flops for james. obviously this has been quite a challenge lately with us being poor and all, but picking special gifts to make the people i love happy REALLY makes me happy. 

p.s. want to be featured next month? awesome! check out my sponsorship page for details!


  1. Great post Victoria!!! I love that you found me through Julie Ann Art's blog and that we were able to connect on my blog :-). You're an amazing woman and I love watching you grow.

  2. Thanks Victoria! This was fun to read and to get to know some other ladies as well!

  3. thank aukele! isn't the blogging community SO awesome that way? we totally never would have even met if it weren't for blogs!

  4. thanks for joining us beka! so far i really love featuring you guys this way since it helps us all get to know each other better (and isn't that what blogging is all about?)