Friday, August 16, 2013

a movie night and an outfit post.

last night my dad treated james and i to a movie downtown while alice got to hang out with my stepmom. now this in and of itself was a very rare and special treat, its not very often (especially lately, with how things have been going workwise) that we get to go out and do something fun with adults for no reason. but this wasnt just any movie, it was rifftrax live: starship troopers. basically this is a screening of the terrible, terrible movie starship troopers, featuring live (well, tape delayed on the west coast) voiceover commentary from the original cast of mystery science theatre 3000.  

im going to let you in on a little secret here: i am a huge nerd and mst3k is by far one of my favorite things of all time. when i was a kid my dad and i used to watch it together, when it was only on the scifi network at like midnight on weekdays. when netflix first came out (i think i was 13 or 14?), i hogged my families dvd queue for MONTHS watching literally the entire series. then when james and i first got married i got him hooked on it too, and we watched it just about every day for almost a year (seriously, theres nothing to do in prescott and i was really sick for the first half of my pregnancy, so thats all we did for a couple months). all that to say that all three of us were SUPER excited to go see the rifftrax version of starship troopers (which, as a sidenote, i have seen WAY too many times because when my brother was little he was obsessed with it). 

anyways, getting back on track here, even though this wasnt really a "date", james and i still decided to dress up and get a treat since we would be meeting my dad downtown after we dropped alice off with my stepmom. so heres what i wore:

dress: homemade, sweater: hand-me-down (kimchi & blue brand) with diy buttons., shoes: shoemint, necklace: gift, bracelet and purse: vintage, glasses: zenni optical
first off, i know youre not supposed to say stuff like this about stuff you made yourself, but im going to say it anyway: how great is this dress? i mean really. its the best dress ever. it was a major staple in my old etsy shop (i probably sold around 15 of them before i ran out of fabric), and i am so, so, so glad i kept one for myself because i love it so much. unfortunately its strapless, and a little big right now, so in order to avoid wardrobe malfunction i have to wear it with a sweater. which is totally fine because that sweater is my favorite. and what goes better with spaceships than leopard print? nothing. 

i loved this outfit so much because it has so many special little details, like the record hole necklace that was a gift from my dear friend zoe, who i rarely see because she lives in portland, and the vintage buttons i added to the cardigan because by time it got to me the original buttons were gone (im pretty sure im at least the fourth person to own it):

its really rare for me to get a chance to use a little purse, so i was really happy to get to use this cute vintage leather one i got at a thrift store in prescott (please excuse my horrible manicure, i accidentally used the worlds worst nail polish and didnt have time to fix it):

so, this bracelet has kind of a funny story: back in prescott james worked for a few months as a buyer from one of those "sell us your scrap gold" companies, and one day a lady came in wanting to get rid of a bracelet given to her by her ex. james told her that the metal part of the bracelet is sterling silver, but since he couldnt pay her for the weight of the stones, he would have completely dismantle it in order to weigh it, and his best estimate for the value was only a few dollars. i guess this lady REALLY didnt want this bracelet because she told james he could just have it instead of taking it apart, so james brought it home for me (actually this is how i got a LOT of my vintage jewelry). 

i really love it and wear it a lot, but i never really thought  much about its age and origin, until one week after church a friend noticed it and said she thought it looked really old, like 20's or 30's old.  she started googling for similar jewelry right there, and lo and behold, it most likely is very old (it has a weird old-fashioned clasp), and similar bracelets sell for hundreds of dollars. so apparently this funny little gift is actually a very special and precious antique.

ok, enough of that, we got downtown quite a bit early because i always severely overestimate how long it takes to get there, so james and i stopped at the pantry for a milkshake while we waited for my dad:

the pantry is a neat little piece of los angeles history, it opened in 1924 and allegedly has never, ever closed, and has never been without a customer. its also a neat little piece of meyers family history because its one of the very few places that james and i have ever gone on an actual date. see, we didnt really "date" in the traditional sense (i promise ill tell you the story later), but one time when we were dating james came to visit and i had to pick him up at the greyhound station late at night and nothings open late downtown so we went to the pantry. 

so we enjoyed our milkshakes:

then my dad got there and we went to our movie:

and it was HILARIOUS. so great. THE best thing ive seen, probably ever. seriously, if you enjoy bad science fiction, comedy, and things that are great, i HIGHLY recommend you check it out, because theyre doing it again on september 12. and theyre doing night of the living dead in october. i think i found my new favorite thing to do. during the show, the rifftrax guys were REALLY dropping hints that some of the stars of the movie would be attending the la showings, but unfortunately, i did NOT see neil patrick harris at la live, which is literally the only thing that could have possibly made the evening better. 

of course all good things have to end, so we left the theatre, picked up alice, and went home to sleep a few hours before getting up for work (for james) and chores (for me). thats the only downside to staying out late on a thursday...

stay tuned for tomorrow when i talk about my most awesome trip to target yet!