Thursday, August 15, 2013

free family fun. lomita library story time.

i think i mentioned once that wednesday is our big busy day. if you had asked me about it a couple months ago i probably would have said that with some sort of resentment, but lately our crazy busy wednesday as started to grow on me. mostly because alice has really gotten into going to story time. 

the story time we go to is at the lomita librarytechnically its a "preschool" storytime, and the "toddler" story time is on tuesday, but for most of the year im scheduled to work on tuesdays (one of these days ill tell you all about my day job), so wednesday mornings work out better for us. this actually isnt even that big of a deal since most of the kids come with younger siblings anyways so theres lots of other toddlers. 

anyways, story time has become a huge staple in our weekly routine (which i need to do some serious work on since all three of us are starting to get some serious summer burnout), because alice LOVES it. ive been wanting to write a post about it basically since i started blogging, but since i usually take alice by myself i cant really get any decent pictures. last week james was home on wednesday, so now i finally have story time pictures:

as far as library story times go, this one is exactly what you would expect, the kids sit all around miss jennifer while she leads some songs and nursery rhymes and reads a couple of short books:

miss jennifer is fantastic. she is so fun and engaging and shes SO great at mixing the right amount of new and familiar material so the kids stay interested. alice was a little on the young side when we started going, but now after a few months shes learned a lot of the rhymes and totally participates:

except when she doesnt...

now im really happy about how much alice has learned from going to story time, shes gotten WAY better at sitting still and listening, shes learned several new songs that she sings every day at home, shes gotten a bit more interested in reading books AND its really improved her vocabulary. its seriously super cute how she tries to say "library" and "miss jennifer". alice on the other hand is most excited about getting to do a new craft every week:

seriously. i wish i had a dollar for every time shes tried to ditch the story part early to get a jump start on her craft. obviously she takes after her mother on this one. 

one of my favorite things about this story time is that the timeframe is completely reasonable for toddler attention spans. its about 30 minutes of songs/stories, and about 15 minutes of crafts, and then the kids can go play with all the fun library toys (all very similar to toys alice already owns, but for some reason she only likes the library ones). this is so perfect, because some weeks this is about all alice can handle, but on the weeks she has a bit more energy to burn before lunch, we can stay and play. 

lomita is kind of a far drive for us (a little over 20 minutes each way), but its totally worth it. alice loves it and its become one of my favorite parts of the week. 

stay tuned for a quick little tutorial this weekend!

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