Monday, August 12, 2013

i just wanted to apologize for disappearing for a week.

again. sorry about that. i wish i could say my sudden disappearance had something to do with a surprise vacation or something really exciting, but really i was just kind of burnt out. on everything. there was that whole apartment thing, plus my day job is being really weird and difficult, alice is going through all kinds of bad phases, and i just havent had much energy because for the past couple weeks ive been kind of sick. 

or more accurately, making myself sick. see, sometimes doctors give really bad advice, like telling a person thats just been diagnosed with a thousand food allergies to remove the allergens from their diet for a month and then one by one test and see which allergens are actually serious. now if you know me at all you know that i am always down for a good science experiment so this seemed like a totally reasonable thing to do (especially because it would be nice to eat at least some of the fourteen foods im allergic to). i had an awful detox/withdrawal phase, so i decided to double the doctors suggestion and introduce a new food every other week after two months of avoiding everything. this seemed pretty safe. 

except i only got through four foods (soy, corn, peanut, and sesame seed) before i started feeling really bad. it took me so long to figure out why i was feeling so crappy, because the symptoms were really generic, joint pain, headaches, stomach issues, lack of focus, i spent weeks assuming it was stress from moving or i just needed to drink more water. but it just kept getting worse. 

last week it finally clicked that my not feeling well started exactly when i started fiddling with my diet. so i stopped. and i also took the liberty of giving myself a break. i really needed a chance to feel ok for a while so i could come back at full power. and im glad i did. 

because now i feel better, and ive got LOTS of fun things to share this week. like a new recipe. and a cheap family date. and a quick little sewing tutorial. and maybe even some more fun surprises. its gonna be fun. i promise. 

it feels good to be back. 

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