Saturday, August 31, 2013

goodbye august.

we meyerss had quite a day today. on top of being completely drained from last week, we started the morning with a birthday party:

went home for a VERY long nap (ok maybe that was just me), and then ended the day with a movie at the park (very appropriate since california has apparently been relocated to the center of the sun):

since now (finally, at 11 pm) it is FINALLY a pleasant temperature for existing, id like to take a few minutes, as promised, to talk about all the reasons im so excited for september, because i am really, REALLY excited for fall to start. 

and no, none of them is pumpkin spice lattes (ive never even had one before):

1. james and i are celebrating out 3rd wedding anniversary wednesday, and not only did james TOTALLY surprise me with an awesome gift, but i have something pretty rad up my sleeve as well, AND weve got some pretty spectacular dinner plans. 

2. im starting a new gig in a couple weeks, teaching classes at my churchs homeschool co op! im teaching knitting in the fall, and starting in the spring, ill actually get to use some of my fine arts education (for the first time ever) teaching color theory! as nice as my main job teaching at joanns can be, (though theres been some corporate level changes that have resulted in me not working much lately), i am so, SO excited to get to share some of my favorite things with the kids at church. 

3. BIG things are happening with this little blog of mine, im sponsoring the lovely aukele at 91 dash, which means im getting to be involved in some REALLY fun giveaways (stay tuned for details!), AND (thanks to the wonderful passionfruit giveaway over at hey love designs) im currently working on taking steps to start a sponsorship program of my very own. 

and most importantly,

4. fall is my favorite, because if its september, that means that october is next, and that means that ITS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY!!! ok, and alices too, since her birthday is a week before mine, but still. birthdays. i love me some birthdays. 

and then theres the minor details like the weather cooling off and getting to wear sweaters and boots and being able to bake without wanting to die... but those four thing are really what im really pumped about right now. 

what are your thoughts on fall? does it make you excited for the change in seasons or sad to see the summer go?


  1. Aww I'm so glad things are falling into place for you! You deserve it. I loved reading about your husband's surprise--so cute + thoughtful! Sometimes men are just the best. xx

    Allie //

    1. thank you! so am i, this summer has been unnecessarily difficult (in addition to the apartment fiasco, jamess bike got stolen in early july) so im REALLY glad its over. im glad you enjoyed it! james doesnt usually do big surprises, so the haircut was definitely a very special gift.