Monday, August 26, 2013

sunday sweets. another pumpkin pie and a family dinner.

yes, i know that im posting this a little late. i also realize that ive already made a pumpkin pie, but i really wanted to try out this dough my mom found at the 99 cent store:

and we already had all the other ingredients for pumpkin pie, so earlier this week i penciled in pumpkin pie as our sunday dessert. then on friday my mom invited us over for a family dinner sunday night, and requested that i bring "a dessert that involves whipped cream". so our sunday pie became a family dinner party pie with homemade whipped cream. and it was awesome. 

because my mom made amazing homemade chili and potatoes:

and alice got to play outside while everyone else ate (shes doing this thing where she wont eat anything except church donuts on sundays):

and we got to hang out with not only my immediate family, but also my grandma, aunt, cousins, and some family friends. outside, eating chili, in the summertime, because, you know, chili is totally a normal summer picnic food:

after everyone was done with dinner i whipped the cream (recipe here) and it was time for dessert (p.s. a pint of whipping cream is only $2.04 at target as opposed to $3.79 at the grocery store, just fyi):

which in addition to my pie and whipped cream also included a delicious gluten-free coffee cake that my grandma made. 

so about the pie, for the filling i used the same recipe as last time, but used the pilsbury crust that i mentioned at the beginning of the post. and well, the filling came out nicely, but the crust... it was much easier to work with than the mix i used before, ill give it that. unfortunately,  just like the regular pilsbury pie crust that comes in a tube, its really salty and kind of tastes like play-dough and doesnt really go well with pie. im thinking maybe it will be a bit more appropriate for something savory, like the quiche im making for dinner tonight. 

anyways, after dessert we all played an excessively loud and intense game of pit:

which if youve never played it, is a really great game for families (or friends) that enjoy yelling, screaming, and arguing over a very fast and competitive game that usually ends in someone throwing something. so its perfect for us, and we usually end up playing it at every family gathering at my moms house. 

unfortunately we couldnt stay late, since today was the first day of school week and we all had to get up at 5, so we went home and went to bed, and now today is kind of weird and sleepy because mine and alices sleep schedules are all out of whack, but its been productive, so i guess thats ok. 

what about you? did you do anything fun this weekend?


  1. Oh that sounds like a perfect Sunday! Isn't it funny how sometimes Target is AMAZING for groceries (and then they're not with other things, haha). My family sounds just like yours. We love to be loud and we love the competition!! I've never played PIT, but maybe we need to pick that one up. Currently we play Taboo, Cranium, Loaded Questions, Apples to Apples and Mad Gab (the top 5). And if we're playing cards it is usually Cribbage or Trumps. I love that you brought up board games today, I have a post ready for tomorrow that is a collection of board games, so that's funny we're posting on the same topic! Love it. Have a great rest of your day :)

    1. it definitely was, especially since weve got a tough week ahead of us. your family sounds like a lot of fun! were all big fans of apples to apples too, you should totally check out pit too, its always a party.