Thursday, August 29, 2013

summer goals, revisited.

ok, so i was supposed to write this post yesterday but 1. it was grocery day, 2. alice barely napped long enough for me to finish my grocery lists, and 3. i got the very, very distracting news that i had won a year subscription to passionfruit ads from hey love designs (more about that later), so i didnt. also its still school week, and ive been waking up at 5 to drop james off, so actually i spent most of yesterday as a sleepy, cranky, emotional wreck. 

but back to business, as we all know, starbucks is about to bring back the pumpkin spice latte, meaning that summer is just about over. except we live at the beach and its summer basically all year round. but i suppose thats beside the point. what i wanted to do today was take a few minutes to re-visit the summer goals i made back in june, before i get myself too excited about all the changes coming up in the fall (stay tuned! september is going to be a big month, i can already tell). 

so, just to refresh our memories, i made three sets of goals, for alice, for me, and for the family. and heres how we did:

for alice: 

1. go to at least two new parks. this one we did, and then some. we actually made it to three new parks, we went to delthorne park, victor park, AND, most importantly, rocketship park:

(see, its called rocketship park because it has a ROCKETSHIP. how awesome is that?)

2. take alice to the california science center. ok this one we missed. but we did go to the sea lab

AND the skirball center, so alice still got plenty of museum time. 

for me:

1. get my etsy shop up and running. check and check! ive got my first batch of goodies up in the shop, a second in progress, and LOTS of new ideas. definitely feel sucessful in this one. 

2. work on improving my photography skills. now i cant really objectively claim that ive actually gotten much better at photography, but i have gotten much better at remembering to take my dslr with us places, and putting more care and thought into my photos. id like to think i have made a slow and steady improvement over the summer though. 

for the family:

1. deep clean and purge the house. HA! we were sort of forced to do this one due to our apartment flooding, and while its not quite done enough for say, before-and-after pictures, we COMPLETELY emptied and deep cleaned the house AND re-arranged things a bit more efficiently, so im really happy with how we did here. 

2. institute a weekly family bible study. ok, heres where we didnt do so well. i mean, we tried, we really did. and we did a couple, but we ran into some problems. our irregular work schedules and separate daily routines made it really difficult to set aside time to do it together, and the study james chose happened to start off with a difficult topic on which we dont agree, so we quickly got discouraged and gave up. not saying thats what we should have done, but thats what happened. 

so over all im really happy with how our summer goals turned out, honestly i did MUCH better than i thought i would (i guess maybe because i made it public?), and now that i can see how much we did, im REALLY excited to put my fall goals together (obviously family bible study is back on the list, though). 

so tell me, how was your summer?


  1. Ahhh! I just happened upon your blog and had to write something 'cause ROCKETSHIP PARK! My grandparents have lived in Palos Verdes since before I was born, and as a result I've been to Rocketship Park many, many times with my sister and cousin. I haven't seen it in maybe a decade.

    Thanks for the unexpected awesome trip down memory lane. :)

    1. awww! thats so cool! i remember going there quite a bit as a kid, it was really fun to get to take alice there, even if she was too small for the rocketship itself