Saturday, January 4, 2014

a sister date and an outfit post.

sunday my sister and i went to the mall after church to scope out the after-christmas sales. this is what i wore:

outfit details:

top: hot topic (i think? ive had it since i was maybe 15, when i was really into tshirt re-fashioning, admittedly not my best work) 
skirt: target (christmas gift from my sister)
tights: also target
shoes: urban outfitters (purchased on our honeymoon, still my most favorite pair of shoes)
bow: new york couture (purchased at warped tour back when i was cool)
glasses: zenni optical

so, my sister gave me this super cute houndstooth skirt for christmas. i love it and couldnt wait to wear it to church. i figured id pair it with tights, dressy shoes, and a sweater. because, you know, thats what id normally wear with a fancy skirt. 

except, we are having THE most ridiculous heat wave and a sweater WAS NOT happening that day. so i started looking for a top that went nicely. and you know how ive been complaining about not having enough nice tops? well, i have even less tops that go with red. 

but then i found this altered ramones tee from high school and boom! problem solved. one of my favorite outfits in the last couple weeks. 

and how did the actual shopping part go? honestly it was a bit disappointing. in the couple hours we spent shopping (my sister and i are very efficient when it comes to shopping), all i managed to find was one top and a $2 tshirt for james. thankfully we were mainly there because i still had a little bit of birthday money that i was saving for the victorias secret semi-annual sale, because that part of the trip worked out perfectly. so, mission accomplished. 

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