Monday, January 13, 2014

the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time (an outfit post + weekly wishes)

(pause for dramatic effect to allow my oh so mature spongebob reference sink in)

did everyone have a nice weekend? ours was kind of intense. it basically went like this: work, more work, dinner at my moms, church (james was playing guitar so he left early and i had to get alice and i dressed and fed by myself), and finally, a birthday party for my cousin. i barely had five minutes to myself the whole time. 

so, im really, REALLY happy that weve made it back around to monday. the weekend craziness is over, the house is put back together, the laundry is done (thanks mom!), AND ive got a fresh new weekly to-do list up on the fridge (especially exciting because last week i completed my first all-crossed-off weekly list!). its a good feeling. 

ok, so ive been talking and talking about the shift in content that youll be seeing on poverty luxe in 2014 for a while now and i think ive mentioned that theres going to be a bigger focus on outfit posts. why? well, because ive come a long way in figuring out my personal style over the past year, and im finally starting to feel more confident both in the outfits im putting together as well as letting myself be photographed. 

also, last year i put a lot of work into finding my new, adult personal style, shopping and re-building my wardrobe to find the missing pieces i needed to make it work. now this year im focusing on weeding out the unnecessary pieces and making as many looks as possible with the clothes i already have. im not saying that i wont be buying any new clothes this year, but i am really happy with whats in my closet now and id like to make as few clothing purchases as possible this year (a new bathing suit is definitely in order...). 

so without any further ado, heres what i wore to church yesterday:

outfit details:

sweater: hand-me-down from my sister (originally old navy)
skirt: vintage (purchased at the silverlake art craft and vintage market for $3!)
tights: target
shoes: vintage 
necklace: target
bracelet: christmas gift from jamess mom
glasses: zenni optical

i feel like this outfit really summarizes my personal style of late. over the past year ive learned that im really into the following things: skirts, sweaters, tights, horizontal stripes, and vintage dancing shoes. 

basically this outfit right here. 

the sweater was a recent hand-me-down from my sister. and it quickly became one of my favorites, though i had a hard time finding a skirt to pair with it since it is clearly cream and not white. but the polka dots on this skirt are also cream, and i REALLY like how the two went together. obviously i didnt want the outfit to be too neutral so i added my red vintage dancing shoes (which are, by the way, THE most comfortable shoes ive ever worn) and some dainty jewelry. 

i know mixing prints is supposed to be a no-no, but it definitely felt like a good look. what do you think?

funny story: my sister is almost 5 years younger than me and is much, much taller than me. for quite a bit of our childhood she was very much in danger of passing me up clothing wise (thankfully it didnt happen till she was maybe 11 and i was 15) and as a kid i SWORE id never wear her hand-me-downs because hand-me-downs from a younger sibling were the most horrible thing i could imagine. oh how the times have changed. 

now, its monday, so that means its time for weekly wishes, right? well, im going to be making some changes to how weekly wishes are handled around here. i feel like i had been putting too much emphasis on my weekly wishes post and it was taking away from the effort i was able to put into developing other content. also, since ive cut my blog schedule down to four posts a week (monday, tuesday, thursday, and saturday, with fridays open for guest posts if anyones interested), i felt like having 1/4th of my content devoted exclusively to weekly wishes was maybe a bit excessive. 

but this doesnt mean that im quitting weekly wishes, because ive LOVED participating (and met SO many awesome bloggers through linking up), it just means that mondays will consist of a normal post (like todays outfit), followed by a couple wishes for the following week. so here we go:

1. clean out my car. seriously, i dont even remember the last time i cleaned out my car and its SO full of trash and junk its embarrassing. 

2. finish my guest post for the art of balance. im SO excited to do this guest post, but ive kind of been procrastinating on it. 


3. finish up januarys editorial calendar and get started on februarys. i havent been very on top of my upcoming blog posts lately and its making it hard to focus on the work that needs to be done this whole month. so this week i want to organize the content that i want to do so that february will run a bit smoother. 

so those are my goals for the week, what are yours?

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