Thursday, January 16, 2014

january sponsor roundup!

hello everyone! its that time again, and im super excited to introduce you to this months large ad sponsors (note to self: my sponsor spots need cuter names)!

weve got a really good bunch this month (want to be included next month? check out my sponsor page for more info, large ad spaces are just $4 with code NEWYEAR), so lets get started:

first up we have shannon and stacie of s & s ink, who i am so happy to have back on my sidebar for another month, not just because they make super rad shirts (i mean, this tardis vneck totally has my name written all over it), but also because they are very dear real-life friends of mine:

tell us a bit more about yourselves, ladies:

So we are sisters who like to ink things. We love nerdy, geeky, and freaky things and not to exclude the whimsical, frilly, and darling things too! We both sew, silk screen, and create things that we can't resist. We hope that you can't resist too!

and what are your big plans for 2014: 

As sisters we are looking forward to a wedding and trip to the British Isles. As a company, a possible Kickstarter project and another trip to Whimsic Alley.

next up we have allie of call me sassafrass. allie was one of my very first blog friends and was the wonderful lady behind my blog design (seriously, if youre in need of design work, allie is your girl). also, her blog is a great place to learn all about kinds of fascinating sciencey goodness, like volcanic lightning:

so allie, why dont you take a minute to introduce yourself?

Hellooo my name is Allie + I blog at Call Me Sassafras. I like dinosaurs and folk music and sleep. I might live off jelly beans. Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal. I like to think that Call Me Sassafras is a blog that celebrates uniqueness, so you'll find all sorts of topics. I blog about music, science, my design work, sarcasm and thoughts on living a happy + productive life.

and what are you looking forward to in 2014?

In 2014, I'm most looking forward to moving to Florida! (probably...I'm not really sure where I'm moving yet...)

and last, but certainly not least, we have my newest sponsor, codi of the art of balance! codi is seriously one of the nicest, sweetest, most genuine ladies ive met through blogging (you seriously need to read her post on cyber bullying) and i am SO glad to have her as a sponsor (fun fact: im also sponsoring her this month):

what do my readers need to know about you, codi? 

I created my blog because I was looking for a creative outlook and thought that I had a story that would connect with other people. Last year was probably the hardest yet most rewarding year of my life. I started having serious issues with anxiety but as I worked to over come these issues I learned so much about myself and what is most important to me in life. My blog is where I share my struggles and successes in living a happy and fulfilled life in spite of having anxiety. I write to share my story, to connect people in meaningful ways, and to encourage people to overcome their struggles and life the happiest life possible. 

I work as a social worker in the Michigan foster care system but in my spare time I love volunteering at the local humane society walking and cuddling with some awesome dogs. I spend a lot of time with my family and love to read and knit scarves. I just bought my first DSLR and will be learning that as my new hobby for 2014!

and whats something exciting thats happening in 2014?

I'm getting married! My fiance and I have been dating for over 5 years and I'm so excited to finally take this step. We also have never lived together and I seriously stoked to finally make a place of our own! We've got nothing against people who move in together but we've always lived within 10 minutes of each other and never felt the need. I'm definitely ready to come home to him every night. It's a big year for me!

hope you guys had fun meeting januarys sponsors (and holy moly thats a lot of weddings)! be sure to check them out and say hi! 

oh, and what about me? what am i excited for in 2014?

we actually dont have any big exciting plans for this year (yet) BUT so far, 2014 is all about growing this blog and the etsy shop so that i can take poverty luxe from a hobby to my (only) job. 

and dont forget! if you want to participate next month, ive got plenty of open spots and theyre only $4 with the code NEWYEAR, you can get more info on my sponsor page

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