Saturday, January 18, 2014

spiral lace slouch hat (free pattern!)

so, ive been thinking about my knitting patterns a lot lately. 

you know, the ones i wouldnt shut up about a couple months ago that you havent heard about in a very long time?

well, as much as i love knitting and crocheting and am SO grateful that i get paid to teach what i love to so many people, i dont really think "knitwear designer" is a hat that i feel comfortable wearing right now (you see what i did there?). 

because me and knitting patterns dont exactly have the healthiest of relationships right now. 

see, ive had this little notebook of patterns that ive been writing for AGES, and ive always wanted to publish and share them but i wasnt sure how, and then i finally learned how and it seemed like a really great side project for poverty luxe and might make a good source of passive income because thats like a really important business thing and maybe i got a little too carried away and didnt realize that writing and developing and testing patterns was as labor intensive and time consuming as it is and the patterns became a huge distraction from the work i really needed to be focusing on like blog content and sewing inventory for the shop. 

so we need to take a break. 

but the thing is, ive worked really, REALLY hard on these patterns and i just HAVE to share them with as many people as possible. i just cant give up on my babies. 

and since this month im changing, oh, i dont know, everything about how things work over here at poverty luxe....

ive decided to offer my knitting patterns for free on the blog. and if you just so happen to REALLY want a pdf copy to save to your kindle or ipad or whatever (or you just, really want to be nice), theyre only $2 in the shop

so without any further ado, here is how to make a spiral lace slouch hat (the first knitting pattern i ever wrote entirely on my own!):

i even included a handy-dandy list of abbreviations for you!

quick side note: vannas choice by lion brand is probably my favorite yarn to use for this hat. also, it looks really cute in stripes. 

i hope you get a chance to try this pattern out, and if you do, PLEASE send me a picture of your cute hats! id love to see what you do with this pattern!

happy weekend!

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