Thursday, January 2, 2014

january call for sponsors.

just in case you have really crappy internet or something and the picture at the top of this post didnt load for you, it read "you should totally sponsor poverty luxe in january". 

and why exactly? 

well, if youve been following along for the past couple weeks i suppose youd have a lot of reasons not to, i mean, i havent been around much, my content has been um... lacking... and just between you and me, traffic has taken a hit as a result. also, the "new" sponsorship options i just made werent as well designed as i thought they were and caused all kinds of problems in trying to manage them. 

just being realistic here, its not exactly the most encouraging way to start the new year, both for me as a blogger and for you as the potential sponsor. 



well, because i spent most of my time off over the holidays working out how to fix ALL THE THINGS. 

first off, content. looking over november and decembers posts, i noticed that most of what id written wasnt nearly as engaging as id like it to be. i spent a lot of time trying to be more "bloggy" and almost no time trying to be me. not good. not good at all. BUT! big changes (good changes) to the content of poverty luxe are coming your way! ill go into more detail about this later, but i assure you, content quality is going to go way up. 

second, scheduling. five posts a week, every week isnt working out anymore. not with all the juggling three jobs and a husband and a toddler i have going on right now. so for now im scaling back to four posts a week, with fridays open for guest posts (shoot me an email at if youre interested in a guest post!).

and most importantly, management. so, its not secret at all that i totally jumped into sponsorships unprepared when i won a free year long passionfruit membership. back in november i did some major work on my sponsor shop and thought i had come up with a perfect mix of options. little did i know that i ended up making the small (free) ads MUCH more labor intensive than the large (paid) ads. facepalm. so were starting the new year with a few tiny little tweaks:

1. in post ad is exactly the same. that one actually worked out great. 

2. large ad still includes spot in the monthly group sponsor feature (decembers was pretty fun) AND now includes scheduled social media promotion of your blog/shop content.

3. small ads now only include an introductory tweet/facebook post.

and 4. guest posts are now an option. 

oh! one more thing! i added a new rule to my completely insane business model: all the money that i bring in through sponsorships, is going right back into sponsoring other blogs. so thats a pretty big win/win for all of us. 

so, with that said, heres whats currently available: 

and one more thing! you can get 20% off ANY ad spot with the code NEWYEAR through the end of january. just saying....

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