Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ten topics you (probably) wont see on poverty luxe.

as you probably noticed by now, ive done a MAJOR overhaul on this little blog as far as content is concerned, and so far its been really great! in just one month, ive very much gotten out of my blogging rut, im excited to write again AND i constantly have new ideas of things to share with you guys. im much, much happier with the direction that poverty luxe is headed in for the future, and looking at my stats (which, ill admit i obsess over WAY more than i should), it seems that everyone else agrees. awesome. 

one really cool thing about this shift in content is that its had me looking at not only my own blog, but at all the other blogs that i read with a more critical eye. and i dont mean critical like im going around criticizing everyone for their content, i mean that any time id read a blog post about something that i wouldnt normally write about, id stop and ask myself a few questions, like:

is that something im interested in talking about?

if so, do i have a different take on it?

if i were talking about that, would i handle it differently?

is that something im comfortable sharing publicly?

etc. etc. etc. you get the picture. 

so far, its been a really educational experience. its really opened up my mind to some new topics, perspectives, areas of discussion that id never really considered before, while simultaneously helping me get at least a little bit closer to finding my blogging niche by narrowing down exactly what kinds of things i do and dont want to talk about.

and im really excited! because ive got a TON of new ideas that i think really fit with the flow of poverty luxe and what im trying to do here. 

but, of course, on the other hand, my careful study of the blog world and popular blog topics and my own personal take on blogging has also revealed some topics that definitely dont fit. 

lately ive been talking a lot about the things that you ARE going to see here, and i thought it would be fun to flip things around and take a few minutes to look at the things that you WONT see. 

because, ive learned recently, that just like in real life, if you want to figure out exactly what kind of blogger you are, you dont just need to know what you are, you also need to know what you arent. and heres a list of topics that i think ive determined are not for me:

(now, a little disclaimer here: i am NOT trying to bag on other bloggers that talk about certain things, nor am i talking about any one blogger in particular, i just thought it would be fun to take a look some things that *i* dont feel are a good fit for *this* blog, that is all)

1. subscription boxes. so, apparently these are a huge thing. and i dont get it. i mean, if i had $10, $20, $25 a month to spend on makeup/accessories/whatever comes in those boxes (which i dont), id spend it on things i actually get to pick. 

2. "bumpdates". now, i am not currently pregnant, and we currently have no idea when or if we will be adding any more babies to the meyers clan. but i do know one thing: i will not be posting all my gross pregnancy business out on the internet every week. there are approximately three surviving pictures of me while i was pregnant with alice, because you know what? im just not the kind of lady thats into pregnancy talk (or remembering how i used to look like a whale). 

3. exotic travel destinations. first off, were beyond broke, so traveling is a very far off dream for us. also, when it comes to travel, im more the "go to a different city and eat all the food and go to all the museums" type of traveler rather than the "go on a crazy mountain climbing safari adventure" type. 

4. any type of computer or design tutorial. yeah, i suck at computery things. i have to google how to do a screenshot every time i need a screenshot. i even took a five thousand dollar semester-long photoshop class at usc taught by a very famous photographer and my photo editing skills are still strictly limited to color correction and resizing. 

5. marriage advice. look, james and i have only been married for three years, and so far, were really bad at marriage. i see a LOT of (im sure well meaning) bloggers spouting off marriage advice like theyre experts when theyve only been married for a year or two. and.. yeah... not touching that one with a ten foot pole. 

6. anything having to do with buying a house. ok, so, remember how were poor? well, we also live in an area where a totally unimpressive two-bedroom condo costs about half a million dollars. im not joking. so, unless we decide to move to south central (which is actually very nice and i have considered it on more than one occasion) homeownership is not happening for us. 

7. decorating. i know ladies (especially those of us in the homemaking field) are supposed to be really into decorating. not me. im SO bad at decorating that i let my husband decorate our apartment. 

8. hair tutorials. i think ive mentioned this before that right now is the first time ive had long hair since i was about twelve. and i can do about four different things with it. ive only recently learned how to blow dry it correctly. so dont expect any hair advice from me. im the one that needs it. 

9. childbirth. this kind of goes with #2 in that its gross and i dont want to talk about it. also, i have no idea what childbirth is actually like because alice was breech and had to be c-sectioned out before i ever had a real contraction. 


10. anything about working out. i dont work out. ever. i mean, i go on walks and i stretch and stuff but because i have a lot health problems and deal with constant, chronic pain, actually working out is totally out of the question if i want to do anything else that day. or the next day. or the day after that. 

so, those are ten things that you probably wont see here on poverty luxe. 

but im curious, blogger friends, do YOU have any topics that you wont talk about? why or why not?

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