Monday, January 27, 2014

the time we went to the namm show (an outfit post + weekly wishes)

 happy monday!!! did everybody have a nice weekend?

we had one of those weird, drawn out, busy weekends that start on thursday and are for some reason still going on monday, and im not really sure how i feel about it. i mean, on the one hand, we did some really fun stuff, but on the other hand, im REALLY tired and cranky and not at all in control of my emotions right now (sorry james). 

but! its all over and now its monday and we can get right back to work, right? wrong. actually we went to disneyland because weve all gone a little winter stir-crazy. look, i never said i was any good at being a responsible adult. 

anyway, on thursday james and i got to go to the namm show (basically the biggest convention ever for musical instruments):

now, any music industry folks know that namm is specifically for important music industry types and isnt exactly easy to get a badge for and not just anyone gets to waltz around touching ten thousand dollar guitars (or in my case, collecting free candy and tote bags), and anyone that knows us knows that james is a carpenter and im a knitting teacher/stay at home mom. we arent exactly the kind of folks who are supposed to be there. but we were.

because, theres something you probably didnt know about my dad. see, my dad isnt just a regular dad that lives in glendale and sells locks and plays golf (although those things are all true). my dad is also an extremely talented drummer and spent many years in the music sales business. he goes to the namm show every year like its no big deal.

lately hes been doing some work with a new, small drum manufacturer called rbh drums, and this year he was able to get badges for me and james. 

heres a picture of him trying to sell james a $10,000 drum set:

(please note that my dad is roughly twice as filipino as i am and im not lying about being half asian)

anyway, namm isnt really my favorite thing (its crowded and loud, and im a super spoiled music snob thats gone twice before), but, the badges were free, it was at the anaheim convention center (meaning, we could use our disneyland passes to park there for free), i REALLY wanted james to get a chance to go (hes MUCH more into music than i am) AND james and i hadnt left the house without alice in approximately three months. 

so, it was kind of like a date. the kind of date where we dress up cute and i follow james around while he looks at a bunch of stuff that i dont know what it is until all the noise and flashing lights make me seasick and we have to leave (which took exactly three hours, by the way). maybe i made it sound like i wasnt having fun but i do really like people watching and learning about things i dont already know about so i did have a good time. 

oh and did i mention it was completely free? cause that part was really nice too. 

anyway since this was the first grown-up outing weve gone on in what seems like forever, i thought id do an outfit post:

outfit details:

top: h&m
jeans: levis
jacket: dickies (very old, cant find a similar one online)
boots: hot topic
necklace: vintage (estate sale)
glasses: zenni optical

this is an outfit that i was really, really happy about. it was put-together enough that i looked like an adult that belonged at a music convention, but was still very much my style. i also really liked that i was able to blend some brand new pieces (like the top) with some really, REALLY old ones (i bought that jacket when i was fifteen. FIFTEEN.)

i dont know, i dont really have any cool stories to go with this outfit (other than that ive only bought the exact same pair of levis in different colors for over three years and this particular pair is fading in a weird acid wash pattern), but as a person thats really, REALLY been struggling (for a long time) to find a definitive personal style that feels right, i really like this one. 

oh! i suppose that you probably did want to know if we saw/met anyone famous/important at the namm show. well, from what i hear the big day for appearances is saturday, and we were there on thursday, so we didnt see anyone important. wellll we saw matt bellamy but he was doing a signing we didnt want to get in line for so no, nobody important. 

and weekly wishes! dont think i forgot!

i DID get februarys editorial calendar done (and have some ideas down for march!) and i started to clean out the car (but never managed to finish), so i did ok on last weeks wishes. 

whats up for this week?

prep everything to file our taxes this weekend. i wont get my w2 till friday night, BUT this year we have really easy taxes so i want to do them myself (meaning, i need to figure out which software/website im going to use). 

so.... anyone out there do their own taxes? what do you use? im open to any suggestions!

have a great week!

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