Sunday, September 1, 2013

sunday sweets. more chocolate chip cookies.

happy sunday! is everyone having a good holiday weekend? im going to keep this short, because its sunday and im still recovering from school week and im about to slip into a deep food coma, but i just HAVE to tell you about these cookies i just made:

these were on sale at vons for $2.50, which during school week, when all diet and budget sensibilities go out the window, is a totally acceptable price for no-reason-in-particular junk food. well, its been way too hot for baking all week but i made mac and cheese with roasted broccoli for dinner and the apartment was already an oven, so i finally got around to making them tonight. 

and holy moly these are some seriously legit gluten free cookies:

i mean, its not like ive tried all that many gluten free cookies, but these are BY FAR the best ive had so far. theyre fluffy and chewy and delicious and dont have a powdery gluten free aftertaste! these cookies are, as alice has taken to calling everything lately, wonderful. 

and thats all that i have to say about that. i can hear my bed calling me and weve got a fun day off planned for tomorrow, so ill see you next time. 

stay tuned because this week im going to show you our wedding pictures!!!


  1. these look good! glad you found a satisfying cookie option. :)

    1. thanks! they definitely were, so far I am NOT digging this whole gluten free thing, but these cookies have given me some hope in the cookie department.

  2. Yay for cookies!! Glad you found a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth :)

    Allie //