Thursday, September 12, 2013

new skirts and etsy shop news.

hey everyone! how are you doing today? we had a crazy busy weekend that ive only just recovered from, and tonight im working at my real job for the first time in about a month, so i had planned for today to be a mellow, quiet home day. of course alice had other plans involving running and yelling and dancing, so we ended up taking a LONG walk over to dollar tree this morning, followed by lots of playing outside and maybe being put down for a nap a little bit against her will. 

but anyways, i thought id take this afternoon to give you kind folks a little update about whats going on over in etsy land:

1. i just listed a handful of pocket skirts in my new, improved design with a cased elastic waistband and skinnier pockets:

plus this longer, pocket-less skirt in one of the coolest fabrics ive ever seen:

2. im cooking up a new mini-hairbow design on a more baby/toddler appropriate clip that im really excited about. 

and 3. you will soon have the chance to win a $40 shop credit, for anything your little heart desires. im really excited about this, and ill keep you posted. 

so yeah, thats whats going on around here. stay tuned for tomorrow, ive got a fun little tutorial coming up!

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