Friday, September 20, 2013

some days, you just have to go to disneyland.

this week, james has been home all week (his job is a kind of an on-call type thing). now this was pretty fun the first time it happened back in february, but in the approximately ten times its happened since then, its, um, how do i put this delicately... lost its charm. 

it seems to be the universal truth for stay at home moms, that no matter how perfect your weekday routine is, as soon as dads home, all established order goes right out the window.  if you havent noticed by now, im not exactly the flexible type (but im working on it, i promise), so these types of weeks quickly descend into boredom and bickering and by wednesday night we were 900% done

so yesterday we ditched our responsibilities, packed a picnic lunch and headed to disneyland for a few hours. and it was great. alice got to spend some time with alice (who by the way, is really hard to find for a character who has two rides and a store themed after them):

alice was all over it, if we hadnt literally just got there, im sure she would have been content to leave. i mean, how cute it this:

alice specifically requested "pirates" (not sure why, she always cries) and "see mickey", but we didnt see regular mickey anywhere so she had to settle for halloween mickey at big thunder ranch: 

 which was totally fine because then she also got to pet the goats (which we had promised her last time but big thunder ranch was closed to set up halloween):

bet you didnt know disneyland had goats. well disneyland totally has goats. the nicest, sweetest, most patient and docile goats in the whole world. and alice loves them. since school has started, the park was pretty empty, but unfortunately weekday mornings are when all the stay at home moms take their toddlers, so a lot of the alice-appropriate rides still had unacceptably long lines (i mean, 20 minutes for peter pan? no thanks). 

even though it totally threw off my day/week as far as routine and productivity, we really needed to get out of the house, it was just what we needed. 

also, since we came back at naptime and had the whole afternoon/evening at home (where alice whined about wanting to go back to disneyland), i also got to spend some time working on these baby sized hair bows (on pin curl clips):

which should be up in the shop later this weekend. 

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