Monday, September 16, 2013

fall goals.

so i just realized its been like, three weeks since i did my summer goal recap, and i still havent posted my fall goal list yet. i just want to clarify right now that its not because i havent made any (actually, the list was finished and i started working on things a while ago), its just that, i dont know, i had some more exciting things to talk about in my blogging queue. if youll pardon my tardiness, without any further ado, here are my fall goals:

for alice:

1. start actually, seriously potty training. ive been putting this off for so long (alice actually used the potty the first time around christmas) because i didnt want to pressure her before she was ready. well now shes almost two and showing very definite readiness (like politely asking me for a new diaper when she needs one) and i guess i cant really put it off any longer. even though i know this is totally necessary and will make things a lot easier later (with the added bonus of not having to buy diapers anymore!) im really not looking forward to the process, so wish me luck. 

2. have a totally awesome birthday party. so maybe im not so excited about potty training, but i am BEYOND stoked about alices birthday party! her favorite cartoon is adventure time, so weve made that the theme, and right now my mind is literally spinning with ideas and projects for the party, so i cant wait to share the pictures with you!

for me:

1. improve blog/shop workflow and organization. ive actually already been working on this one all month, but thats my big project right now. after conquering productivity in the housework department, i really feel like its really time to tackle productivity in the work department. i started by getting a month-at-a-glance calendar, to queue out my posts for each week, and currently im working on designating weekly "work time". im sure this sounds really boring and dull, but i for one, am having a fantastic time figuring this all out. 

2. try 5 new recipes. i am definitely a creature of habit, and it does not take long for us to get stuck in a dinner rut, so im really pushing myself this fall to break out of that. i just tried my first new recipe, which youll hear about later this week, so now i just need to figure out four more new things to try. 

3. actually plan something fun for my birthday. ok, so i dont know if you know this, but my birthday is six days after alices. so obviously all my birthday energy and resources are pretty spent by time mine rolls around. as of right now im totally clueless as to what i want to do (plus theres the added challenge that none of my friends are friends with each other), but i have to do something cool this year. 

for the family:

1. give family bible study another try. i was really bummed that we couldnt make it stick over the summer, so were trying again. we noticed this week that dinner time works better for us than morning or bedtime, so now we just need to settle on our day(s?) of the week and actually stick to it. 

2. have some friends over for dinner! i love dinner parties, and for one reason or another (the extra free time weeks are never the same as the extra grocery money weeks), we havent done it in a loooooong time. and we need to fix that. who wants to come over for dinner?

so thats what im working on this fall, what about you? id love to hear about your plans and goals for the next few months!

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