Thursday, September 19, 2013

gluten free flops. spinach alfredo pizza.

ok, so you probably know by now that im really hesitant and skeptical about gluten free baking. and if youve been following along, youve probably also noticed that ive actually had a pretty good run so far and havent really had any big disasters. 

until last week, when i finally got to try this out:

now i probably should have put it together that i wasnt going to like this, because im a total bread snob and will endlessly make fun of anyone that uses pizza crust from a tube (objectively speaking, its terrible and tastes like playdough). but my mom found it at the 99 cent store and i have been DYING to try this recipe and at this point in my life i am pretty desperate for pizza, so i made it anyways:

and while the spinach white sauce recipe is absolutely WONDERFUL, if maybe lacking in the herbs department (im guessing maybe it was written by white people, but nothing a little basil and oregano couldnt fix), the pizza dough....

was... like, not even pizza dough. it was tough and cardboardy and oddly sweet (weird because the pilsbury gluten free pie dough is oddly salty) and was nearly impossible to pry off the pizza pan. 

so i definitely wont buy it again. i will however, be making this spinach alfredo cream sauce  as soon as i possibly can. 

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