Saturday, September 21, 2013

weekend update #1

ok, so just got back from hanging out with my good friends shannon and stacie of s & s ink, where we got the first chance in a very long time to talk business. lots and lots of business. it was really fun (and weve got a pretty fun collaboration coming soon for you guys), AND i got home SUPER pumped about business here at poverty luxe. my mind is totally racing with all kinds of new ideas and projects, but of course i need to slow down and take everything one step at a time. 

well heres step one. remember how one of my fall goals was to establish a more organized weekly workflow? well i noticed that since ive been planning out my posts for the week that ive had a LOT more free time to work on other aspects of the blog and shop rather than just planning and writing posts. so i want to take this a step further and start planning out my posts for the MONTH, and make things a little more consistent around here by having designated posting days and a couple regular weekly features. 

heres what ive got so far: im taking sundays and wednesdays off from blogging because those are usually our busiest days of the week, and saturdays (which to be honest, are usually pretty busy too) are for etsy shop updates. 

so without any further ado, lets begin my very first weekend shop update!

this weeks crafting time was mainly spend working on these super cute tiny baby bows:

which also come in a yellow rose print:

and pink daisy print:

did you notice how all those are fabrics that are already in my shop? well thats totally on purpose, so that you can make super adorable perfectly coordinated outfits. also it uses up my scraps left from the skirts and keeps even more pretty vintage fabric from being thrown away. 

ive also listed a couple new regular-sized bows:

including one that has matching tiny bows:

so that you can make a SUPER cute matching mother/daughter or big sister/little sister ensemble. what do you think?

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