Monday, September 9, 2013

disneyland and stripes. an outfit post.

its been a while since ive done an outfit post, hasnt it? i feel like its been WAY too long, so heres what i wore to disneyland yesterday:

top: hot topic (mens shirt, cut to fit), skirt: poverty luxe, shoes: converse, scarf: lucky 13, sunglasses: zenni optical 
since we were, you know, at disneyland, we went over to my favorite secret spot behind new orleans square to snap some quick pictures, but unfortunately james snapped them a little too quickly, without telling me exactly what he was photographing, so the pictures didnt turn out as good as i had hoped, but well work with what weve got, ok?


see, ive been working on a batch of new skirts for the shop, and this one particular fabric had a weird ripped out seam running across just about one skirts worth of it. obviously i wasnt going to waste perfectly good (if slightly blemished) fabric, so i finally got to keep one! and even better, its my favorite black and white stripes. since it was about six hundred degrees outside in anaheim (down from last weeks five thousand), i paired it with a cut-up police tshirt, converse high tops, and a topknot secured with my favorite little scarf (that i recently stole back from my sister):

and not to toot my own horn or anything, this skirt is perfect for disneyland-type adventures, with its giant pockets and all. i think its my new favorite. 

oh and our day at disneyland? one of the best we had so far, the park was nearly empty (for a sunday, anyway), ANDDDD alice got to dance with alice while the disneyland marching band played in front of sleeping beautys castle:

which was just about the cutest thing ive ever seen. 

so how was your weekend? do anything crazy?

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