Monday, September 30, 2013

weekly wishes #2

happy monday everyone! we had a pretty crazy weekend with a birthday party for one of alices friends, getting ready for alices party and getting ready for james to work out of town this week, so im really happy to be back to our normal routine today. well, as back to normal as we can be with james gone and alice not feeling well. but anyways, mondays mean linking up with melyssa at the nectar collective for weekly wishes! 

lets start with last weeks wishes:

1. get all the crafting done for alices birthday party. 90% done. actually i would have been able to finish if i hadnt needed to practically re-write the pattern for alices party dress. but the last thing (party favors) will only take an hour or two this afternoon, so im pretty happy with my progress here. also, we got most of the shopping done on saturday too, so this party is really starting to come together (i cant wait to share it with you!). 

2. decide what i want to do for my birthday. done and DONE! the silverlake art craft and vintage market is the day after my birthday, and ive wanted to go for YEARS. for one reason or another it never works out for us to go but since its my birthday, im making it happen. now i just need to find a good place nearby for lunch/happy hour/treats afterwards... (do i have any local readers with suggestions?). also since my actual birthday is on friday (and james might be out of town again), there may be a girls day at disneyland happening. maybe. 

over all, im feeling pretty great about my progress last week, so im hoping i can carry that momentum over to this week! here are this weeks wishes:

1. finish alices birthday prep by myself. i know i already said that im almost done, but theres still a little shopping and a LOT of baking left to do, and im starting to get pretty anxious about being able to finish it without having james to stop me from freaking out. but i HAVE to make this party AWESOME. 

2. dont let the house fall apart. this isnt the first time james has worked out of town, but he hasnt done it since december (mostly because he hasnt worked much since december...), and maybe im a little out of practice at running everything by myself. so im just hoping that i can stay on top of chores/work AND maybe take alice out to do something fun. 

3. get as much blogging done in advance as i can. these next two weeks are CRAZY busy, and i know theyll be much easier if im not worried about writing a whole new post every day. also, id really like to have a little free time to work on some other projects ive got up my sleeve...

so those are my wishes for the week, what are yours?

The Nectar Collective

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