Saturday, September 7, 2013

the time we went to an awesome estate sale.

this is one of those weekends where just about every second is booked, and mostly with other peoples plans. not that its actually that bad (today we went to target, had lunch with my grandma, then went to the park and dinner with my dad and stepmom), its just busy. and draining. and i am SO not in control of the situation and i hate it (im a closet psycho control freak if you havent noticed).  

but yesterday. yesterday we went to the BEST ESTATE SALE EVER. honestly we havent been going to as many thrift stores and estate sales as id like lately, because weve been an extra special amount of broke and our apartment is just about full, but i got my weekly victorias vintage email and there was something that i just could not resist. 

an estate sale. at a hoarders house. just a few blocks from our house. perfect, right? except, we didnt have any cash. but james was oh so kind and generous and offered to look through his magic the gathering cards and see if there were some he could sell at the card shop before we went to the sale. he came back with $27, and it was ON:

alice was surprisingly patient (though that could be because we let her pick out a toy), but it didnt take long for us to run out of arms to carry what was sure to be way more than $27 of treasure:

but when we got to the exit, the lady told us they only wanted $30 for the lot. we said we only had $27 and she said ok. it was like christmas and my birthday all rolled into one. we got quite a few things, but my favorite picks of the day are this super fancy jewelry box:

which has like, a million compartments and i just put all my jewelry in it this afternoon and i can not believe how much dresser space it freed up (plus my jewelrys actually organized).

this smith & wesson printed mirror piece:

which already looks pretty spiffy hanging over our couch. 

but most importantly, on a table waaaaayyy on the other side of the sale that i had to quickly maneuver over too while precariously balancing my other purchases before nobody else could grab it, was this, beautiful, perfect, unused (albeit missing the whistling piece if it had one) LE CREUSET tea kettle:

i mean seriously. how perfect is this? the lighting in my kitchen is terrible, so you cant see that its actually a soft turquoise rather than green, its actually much prettier in person, AND i can get rid of the old, ugly crappy $10 kettle we got from target when we first got married! (also, please pardon my dirty stovetop, but kitchen cleaning day is tuesday)

now if youll excuse me, i have to go and get some sleep because i have to be up bright and early tomorrow morning to take my mother in law to disneyland. 

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