Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a very special giveaway with s & s ink!

hello everyone! i have two very exciting announcements for you guys today! first off, to kick off this weeks weekly wishes, ive changed up my sponsorship options, check em out here.

but more importantly, id like to introduce you to my newest sponsor, s & s ink. s & s ink is an etsy shop run by two of my very close friends, shannon and stacie, who have built an insanely clever line of hand-silkscreened shirts, bags and scarves featuring all your favorite sci-fi and fantasy and all around geeky goodness. 

heres an example:

thats pretty awesome, right? i mean, id wear this shirt practically every day. but wait, it gets WAY better, because their best shirts are their brilliant combinations of multiple fandoms, like this:

and this one:

when i asked shannon and stacie to "tell me a little more about the line" so i could write a little introduction, they sent me this write up, that you just have to read in its pure, unadulterated form to get a grasp at just how awesome these ladies are:

Since we didn't get our acceptance letters to Hogwarts, we had a crazy idea. "Let's learn to silk screen." It was an easy trip to Michaels to get the bottom-of-the-line kit. 

It was easy. Too easy. Like as easy as losing a Hobbit in a field of tall grass. We had a few items up, but S&S ink just wasn't anything special (yet). 

Then a stroke of genius struck as sure as Luke's Proton torpedo into the heart of the Death Star. We called it Sci-Fi Collide and it sold faster than Han Solo's record breaking Kessel run in the Millennium Falcon.

In one night we had over 2,000 posts, likes, and reposts for our Sci-Fi Collide print. Now, the orders multiply like Tribbles in the Star Trek Space Station. 

S&S ink has taken us many places, like Italy, Mt Doom, District 12, Mount Whitney, 


We are excited to be making t-shirts, scarves and totes that capture the nerdy-ness we have grown up with and loved our whole lives. We will be here for a while with more to come.
ok, so youre totally in love, right? well get this, because shannon and stacie are just about the nicest people on earth, theyve offered to give one lucky reader a $16 dollar shop credit! how rad is that? and to make the deal even sweeter, im throwing in THREE months of large ad space on poverty luxe to celebrate finally updating my sponsor program. but obviously thats nowhere near as awesome as a shop credit to s & s ink. 

so what are you waiting for, enter to win here: 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

winner will be chosen at random in two weeks and notified by email within 48 hours. good luck!

oh! and if you just CANT wait to see if youve won, s & s ink is offering a whopping TWENTY PERCENT OFF anything in the shop with code: BLOGLUXE

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