Saturday, November 16, 2013

weekend update #7

so, i was really hoping to have a new crochet pattern up in the shop for you guys today, but unfortunately that pattern was a much bigger mess than i had originally thought. as of right now, im really close to fixing it, so maybe i can have it up next week. 

and while this little stumbling block has left me without a proper shop update this week, i DO have a very exciting blog update today!

see, i actually made good on my weekly wish to update my sponsorship options, and im REALLY excited that 1. i actually did it when i said i was going to do it and 2. i think ive really, really improved what i have to offer. 

so heres whats new:

1. ive changed my large feature ad (the bestie) to an in-post ad. this means that for the low, low price of eight dollars (thats what, two lattes?), you can have a 700 x 100 pixel banner proudly displayed at the bottom of EVERY POST for the entire month. i post 5 days a week most weeks so this is a LOT of exposure. but wait, theres more! youll also get a solo sponsor spotlight post, optional guest post/product feature AND social media love!

2. large ad now includes a spot in a monthly group sponsor highlight post. this means that in addition to a 250 x 250 pixel banner on my sidebar for the month, you also get to take part in a super fun (and currently super secret) group sponsor highlight post! i thought this would be way more fun than just an introduction at the bottom of a (and completely unrelated) post, dont you? AND you still get plenty of social media love, not a bad deal for $5, right? but snag one while you can, because theres only five available each month!

3. small ads are now COMPLETELY FREE. yes, you read this correctly. for absolutely nothing, you can get a 250 x 100 pixel banner on my sidebar AND social media shout outs for an entire month. but youll have to act quick! there are only ten spots available each month, and theyre already selling like hotcakes!

now if you arent excited about this yet, you should be in just a second, because to celebrate the launch of my new, better, MUCH more well thought out sponsor program i am offering 50% off for the first five wonderful people to use the promo code NEWFRIENDS.

so what are you waiting for, check out my passionfruit shop here:

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