Monday, November 11, 2013

weekly wishes #8

once again i almost skipped out on weekly wishes. ive had yet another really tough, really difficult, really discouraging week. 

i was already having a hard time keeping all the household business together, and then on top of school week (which means spending 5 hours a day in the car dropping james off in whittier at 6 am and picking him up at 3) i started my new friday night closing shift at joanns. immediately after school week. because im a genius like that. 

so to say im burnt out would be an understatement. and on top of that i totally blew last weeks wish of not having a massive school week related meltdown by spending the entire week having emotional meltdowns and stress-eating. also alice is having a mega growth spurt and only sort of potty training. 

lately ive been really missing the days just a couple months ago when i had my chore and errand rotation down to a science and was super productive and took alice to the beach twice a week and STILL had time to play video games. try as i might i just can not seem to get back into that routine, even simple little things like not completely running out of diapers at 10 pm have proven to be too much of a challenge, and it is really frustrating. 

 but its a new week. i gave myself the entire three day weekend off from everything and james and i worked very hard on catching up on chores and maybe things are starting to shape up a bit. i mean, i FINALLY finished alices thank you notes:

(p.s. i made the image with the a beautiful mess app, printed them through shutterfly, and made  the envelopes from an old thomas guide, tutorial here)

and finishing that seemingly endless project, even if it was a few weeks later than i would have liked, really motivated me to actually do weekly wishes this week. i have a few more than normal but thats because this week is all about trying to stay motivated. so here they are:

1. spend some quality time with this book and making some solid plans for the upcoming year:

Click here to view more details

obviously if i ever want to quit my job at joanns, poverty luxe needs to start operating more like a business, which is going to require a heck of a lot more productivity and planning than ive got going on right now. which is perfect because both those words are right there in the title. (also so far the workbook portion is really fun and stay tuned for a more thorough review later).

2. re-do my sponsor options. i totally jumped into offering sponsorships unprepared when i won my free year of passionfruit, and now that ive gotten some time to figure out what i can and cant offer, i think i can make some productive changes in this department. 

3. take alice to the park. i dont even remember the last time we went to the park, which obviously means im a horrible mother. 

4. fix the horribly botched crochet pattern that confused the heck out of my dear friend that was testing it. i feel like that ones pretty self-explanitory. 

5. be consistent with both scheduling tweets and not eating junk food all the time. i realize those two things are completely unrelated but what they have in common is that theyre both things that i alternate between doing really well and completely ignoring. 

so heres to hoping for a better week this time around, what have you got planned for this week?

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