Friday, November 1, 2013

our halloween.

yeah, i know im like, the ONLY blogger on earth that hasnt already done their family halloween post yet. but better late than never, right?

see, last week when i made all my plans for this week, i um.... forgot to account for halloween being right in the middle of it. also, our day was extremely busy. 

because when i asked alice what she wanted to do for halloween, her answer was "in halloween, go jack skellingtons house". and how can you say no to that? so we did:

(p.s. can i take a minute to brag about how my toddler has impeccable taste in movies? this totally makes up for that weird owl city phase she went through as a newborn)

alice also asked to go on the teacups, which i flat out refuse to ever do ever and was hoping shed just grow up not noticing. but james took her, and she LOVED it:

and, um, just a little bit of insider disneyland expert advice here, halloween is by far THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR TO GO TO DISNEYLAND. why? because contrary to popular expectation, the park is EMPTY. seriously. no lines for anything. not even haunted mansion (although the line to take pictures with jack skellington was about 45 minutes long, but thats literally the only thing). freaking indiana jones had a TEN MINUTE standby wait (it averages around 40, and it takes roughly ten minutes just to walk from the entrance to the loading dock). 

after we did a few disneyland things, alice specifically asked to go home and take a nap. im serious. shes the weirdest. so we did, and then james and i changed into outfits that better coordinated with alices lumpy space princess costume (james is the ice king and im marceline the vampire queen if you cant tell):

heres some more detail of her costume:

the dress is the same one from her birthday party, which i made, despite the fact that it was totally beyond my skill level and i had to pretty much re-write the pattern and i made it out of woven cotton instead of jersey and it took a million hours and maybe made me cry a few times. and we decided to paint the star on alices forehead because 1. we knew alice wouldnt keep a headband on, and 2. when i tried to do it with makeup it came right off. twice. 

and after i got satisfactory costume pictures we trick or treated on my moms street for a few minutes before going to our churchs reformation day party (which if youre not familiar with reformation day, its a holiday celebrating the protestant reformation which usually involves sausage, beer, and lots and lots of "diet of worms" puns), where alice ate approximately seven hundred gummy worms :

because, you know. diet of worms. 

now at that point we were all exhausted and totally could have called it a day. but of course we didnt. we went to the after party hang out at our friends house so that alice could play with her friends some more and burn off all that candy and sleep in for us. 

which, of course... she didnt. 

so that was our halloween. what did you do?

and dont forget to stay tuned for tomorrow because i have a VERY exciting shop announcement!!!

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