Monday, November 4, 2013

weekly wishes #7 and the true meaning of poverty luxe.

so, today is the first day of school week. and if you arent able to tell, i am completely phoning it in this week and not feeling guilty about it because guess whos waking up at 5 to go to whittier and back ten times this week? this lady. who also has to go to work on tuesday night after going to whittier and back twice? this lady. who is totally freaking out because james was home all last week (no paycheck) and has school this week (also no paycheck)? this lady. 

so as far as weekly wishes are concerned, my only wish this week is that i dont have a catastrophic meltdown about how tired and miserable and stressed out i am this week. and thats a very lofty wish. 

but anyway, last weeks wishes:

1. finish alices thank you notes. um... i ordered them. oh! and i made the envelopes. so, progress was made, i just havent actually finished

2. get some more work done on my knitting patterns. DONE!!!! ok, well, one of them is done. and one more is being tested and one more is being written and things are looking great in knitting pattern land. 

and.... thats all ive got as far as weekly wishes is concerned. 

HOWEVER!!! because i have been asked a few times recently, im going to take a minute to elaborate a little bit on what the poverty luxe lifestyle is all about. this is actually perfect timing because i happened to stumble across the perfect illustration today. 

so, if i were to boil it all down into just one sentence, by "poverty luxe" i mean "taking something totally janky and ghetto and turning it into something pretentious and unreasonable".

for example: friday afternoon i was alerted by a good friend that a local grocery store was throwing away giant fairytale pumpkins (you know, those really pretty really expensive ones). so obviously we picked up a few and then today we spent basically the whole afternoon chopping:


and pureeing:

free trash pumpkin (btw, ONE large fairytale pumpkin yeilds approximately 6 quarts of pumpkin puree, so, im not entirely sure whats going to happen to the other two pumpkins) into totally fancy all natural homemade pumpkin puree for all my holiday baking this year (and probably next year and the year after that too). 

and that, my friends. is the true meaning of poverty luxe. 

hope youre having a better week than i am right now!

The Nectar Collective

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