Saturday, November 23, 2013

weekend update #9

hey everyone! hope youre all having a fantastic weekend! 

were crazy busy these days, and working late every friday night is definitely starting to take its toll on our weekend festivities (seriously, i dont think theres ever been a time in my life that ive been more excited about mondays, and i was a pretty big fan of mondays to begin with), but despite all the chaos and messiness and general busy-ness of this week, i still managed to finish this:

my very first downloadable crochet pattern! i am so, SO excited to be sharing this pattern with the world, because it is one of my favorite projects probably ever. it only uses about 100 yards of worsted weight yarn (and you have tons of that, right?), looks awesome in every color, AND works up super fast in just 14 rounds. this hat is pretty much the perfect handmade gift, if i do say so myself. 

and for just $5, you can make as many as your little heart desires, check it out here

ill see you monday for weekly wishes!

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