Tuesday, November 5, 2013

six things i bet you didnt know you could get from dollar stores.

dollar stores. until very recently i wasnt a big fan. if youve been following me for a long time you may remember this post where i unpack exactly why i tended to stay away. but since june (which feels like it was years ago), ive worked very hard at uber-streamlining my shopping habits so as to have more free time. and seeing that nowadays i basically dont have a job anymore, ive had a LOT more time (and a lot less money) to learn to appreciate the finer things that dollar stores have to offer. 

yes. i said finer things. at dollar stores. and im not kidding. in fact, ive complied a list of SIX totally unexpected things you can find at dollar stores, if you take the time to look. 

1. fresh produce. 99 cent stores typically have a pretty decent selection of fresh produce. its not always the most attractive produce, and you cant always count on them having exactly what you want all the time, but i regularly find fantastic deals on (normally super expensive) things like artichokes, asparagus, and strawberries. 

2. organic produce. yeah, that produce, sometimes its organic. not always, but ive gotten organic salad mixes and canned beans multiple times. 

3. wild-caught salmon filets. i knew you werent going to believe me about this one, so i took a picture:

these are 4 ounce salmon filets (actual filets, not leftover bits pressed into rectangles), and i got them at dollar tree. obviously, this salmon is frozen, and its not the best ive ever had, but its wild. and $4 a pound. which as far as i can remember is cheaper than i can usually get crappy salmon for at vons when its on clearance. 

4. booze. i think i mentioned in my other post that the 99 cent store has beer. well, recently theyve started carrying wine and even gluten free ciders. unfortunately neither of those is actually 99 cents (2.99 a bottle and 1.99 a four-pack, respectively), but still. 

5. free stuff. dollar tree takes manufacturers coupons. and they carry a surprising amount of brand-name items that you can get coupons for. and since everythings only $1, if you have a $1 off coupon, its free. this happens way more often than youd think, too. 

6. gluten free goods. ok, maybe this is only a big deal to me, because ive had this whole gluten free thing forced upon me and i literally can not afford $6 crackers. but heres a short list of gluten free things that i (or my mom) have gotten at the 99bagelspie crust, crackers, bread, pizza doughcookie dough, panko crumbs and a bunch of stuff that i dont even remember. 

so thats what ive learned about dollar stores recently. 

whats the best thing youve ever found at a dollar store?

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