Thursday, November 7, 2013

garlic fries recipe.

you probably know by now that im on a totally boring and lame diet that makes me want to cry just thinking about it (you can read more about my multitude of food allergies here). and if you read the post i just linked to youd also know that i LOVE carbs. and um, im sorry to offend all the people that enjoy being gluten free, but 99% of gluten free bread tastes like poop and is NOT sufficient to assuage my carb cravings. 

sometimes i get really upset about my limited options food-wise. 

but then i remember i can still have french fries. and i freaking LOVE french fries. 

unfortunately because of my stupid celiac disease i cant have fries from anywhere that uses their frying oil for anything containing gluten so basically the only place i can safely get fries is at in n out (which hardly ever happens because were broke and for some reason going to in n out with james always ends up costing like $20). 

but you know what i CAN do? i can make fries at home because frozen fries seem to generally be ok. and i can get them at dollar tree which is conveniently walking distance from my apartment. 

and today im going to show you how to make my favorite treat, garlic fries. and also post my first recipe with super awesome step-by-step photo instructions!

garlic fries recipe. 

1 bag frozen french fries 
3-4 cloves of garlic
1 bunch fresh parsley
kosher salt
olive oil

start by preheating your oven and baking your fries however the package says to do it. while thats going, finely chop your garlic and push it into a little pile with your knife like this:

then pour your kosher salt (or whatever kind of salt you prefer. also the amount is really up to you and how salty you like your fries, i do like, a teaspoon and a half) on top of your little garlic pile, like this:

now, using the side of your knife or a spatula, smash the garlic and salt together on the cutting board until it gets all crushed and juicy like this:

then chop up your parsley (again, the amount is really up to you, i used half of the little bunch i got at sprouts), and put it in a large bowl along with your garlic/salt mixture:

finally, when your fries are done, throw them in the bowl and toss with a drizzle of olive oil (helps get rid of the dry "baked" taste of frozen fries) until everythings all evenly coated, like this:

and enjoy! these are especially good dipped in chipotle aioli, btw. 

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