Thursday, November 21, 2013

that time i spent $8 at h&m.

hey everyone! today im linking up with penniless socialite for the look what i got link up!

you may have noticed that i dont really talk about clothes shopping much on the blog. and theres a couple reasons for that, 1. we have zero disposable income and clothes shopping is generally a birthday-and-christmas type of thing, and 2. the past few years have been pretty unstable for me both lifestyle-wise and size-wise, so my wardrobe is a complete disaster and ive been trying my hardest to avoid dealing with it. 

but its really gotten to the point where i can not continue to ignore that 75% of my clothes either dont fit me or dont match each other or both. so for my birthday james gave me some spending money specifically for new clothes and i spent it on dresses, skirts, and shorts. which was great because i really needed those things and everything i got was super practical and versatile, except... now i dont have any shirts to go with them. 

thankfully my super sweet grandma selma gave me BOTH a super cute top AND a $25 h&m gift card for my birthday. so id been waiting and waiting for a good sale/coupon so that i could maximize the amount of tops i could get with my giftcard (rule #1 of being poor: ALWAYS work giftcards to the bone. always.) and finally a wrapp offer for a free $10 gift card came up and now i had $35 dollars to spend on new tops. problem solved, right?

well, ive noticed lately that i kind of hate shopping for shirts. i dont know why exactly but if and when i have money for clothes i ALWAYS gravitate towards skirts, dresses, and sweaters, which has only made the i-dont-have-any-shirts-that-fit-anymore problem even worse. so i asked my friend shannon to come with me and FORCE me to spend ALL THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS on shirts. 

and she did, it took a bit of tough love on her part to keep me on track (and not buying dresses), but i was able to leave the store with three tops, one for fall/winter (which here is basically december through february):

and two for spring/summer (which is basically the entire rest of the year):

PLUS two bras (which was technically against the rules but clearance lingerie was an extra 50% off and i did really need them), for about $7.50 after my giftcards. 

so now im feeling really good about my current wardrobe options, which is totally great, but now i guess i dont really have an excuse to not ruthelessly rid my closet of everything that doesnt fit....

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