Monday, November 18, 2013

weekly wishes #9

happy monday everyone! i hope you all had a great weekend, ours was crazy busy, but the fun kind of busy. saturday we watched my sisters very exciting volleyball game:

which was, despite the fact that i dont even know the rules of volleyball, SO exciting that i didnt even get a chance to fine-tune my camera settings for indoor sports (p.s. my sisters team won). then sunday was booked solid with church, potluck (thanksgiving themed, meaning that i could eat almost everything that people brought, it was AWESOME), naps, and a VERY productive trip to h&m (ill post more about that one later this week). 

and now its monday again so that means time for weekly wishes!

so lets start with last weeks wishes:

1. spend some quality time with this book and making some solid plans for the upcoming year:

i sort of did this one, just, not as much as i would have liked. i still need to work on the big goals portion of the beginning of the book, but i have at least started getting into the habit of making a weekly work plan. 

2. re-do my sponsor options. done and DONE! you can read more about my new sponsorship program (and if you read closely theres a code for half off ads, just saying) here.  ive already had SUCH a huge response to the free small ads, so im really excited to see where this new sponsorship program goes!

3. take alice to the park. yep! twice actually! 

4. fix the horribly botched crochet pattern that confused the heck out of my dear friend that was testing it. it took all the way till saturday morning, but its finished, so hopefully i can have the pattern up in the shop later this week!

5. be consistent with both scheduling tweets and not eating junk food all the time. i feel like i did MUCH better with both of these than i had been lately, though theres always room for improvement. 

in addition to making MAJOR progress in getting last weeks wishes done, ive also FINALLY gotten back into my normal chores/errands/outings routine and alice is mostly sleeping/napping on her regular schedule, so im really excited for next weeks wishes:

1. update my etsy shop profile/shop announcement/etc. just like my blog sponsorships, i kind of jumped back into selling on etsy without really putting the finishing touches on my shop, so id like to get that done this week. 

2. finish and publish this crochet hat pattern. now that ive finished testing/editing, all i need to do is make the pdf and list it in the shop! im so excited to get my first crochet pattern up!

3. design our christmas cards. normally i cant even begin to think about christmas anything until after thanksgiving, but EVERY YEAR it gets us into trouble when it comes to christmas cards, so i want to get a head start (plus i may have found a fantastic deal on photo cards so hopefully that will work out and theyll be cheap too!)

4. start our christmas gift list. this relates to the previous wish, since i am SO not in christmas mode yet. i managed to get alices gifts taken care of a while ago, and james and i agreed to forgo gifts for each other in favor of renewing our disneyland passes, so on one hand i feel pretty accomplished as far as were concerned, but on the other hand, ive still got a HUGE list of people left to get gifts for, and no money, so im going to need to start early and be really creative. 

those are my wishes for the week, what are yours?

The Nectar Collective

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