Monday, November 25, 2013

weekly wishes #10

as much as id really like to have an exciting upbeat inspirational weekly wishes post for you guys, unfortunately i dont. because as of right now i feel like this:

which is to say, really, REALLY tired and overwhelmed and stressed and burnt out and im pretty sure im sick but i have to just ignore it because i have too much to take care of and no time to rest. 

but most of all, im discouraged.

im discouraged because after an entire year of ruthlessly slashing our budget of all unnecessary expenses and doing without the kinds of things that even the most budget-savvy mom bloggers take for granted (im not kidding, this was the last time we went out for coffee, the last time i went thrifting for no reason was about a year ago, we havent hit up the target clearance rack since last september) we have only gotten poorer

im discouraged because i finally had to admit that were not making ends meet with our current arrangement and take an extra shift at work. as little as that sounds that one shift has taken a huge physical, emotional, and mental toll on me and to be completely honest the extra money barely puts a dent in our bills. 

im discouraged because im not even excited about thanksgiving because this week i have to work at least three (but more likely four) days this week, including closing on black friday.

im discouraged because i hardly get any time at home anymore and when i have some, i feel like crap and i cant keep the house clean or be patient with alice and i feel like everythings falling apart. 

im discouraged because if im going to make it through this coming week, something  has to go for a while and unfortunately, it has to be this. 

so, im more or less unplugging for the week, with the exception of a little bit of sponsor related work i need to do. i really dont want to do this, working on this blog is something really important to me, and something that i really love doing, but i just cant keep this many plates in the air for much longer without collapsing.

so ill see you next week, and hopefully this little break means that next week ill be in better shape and have something more fun to share. 

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