Tuesday, December 10, 2013

december sponsor roundup.

just in case you missed it, a few weeks ago i completely revamped my sponsorship options. one of the bigger changes was giving my large ad space sponsors a spot in a monthly group sponsor post where they can introduce themselves and also answer my discussion question for the month

i chose to do this because i really feel that my sponsors deserve more than just a blurb at the bottom of a completely unrelated post, but i  wanted to make sure that the content of this blog was still mostly actual content and not just sponsor post after sponsor post. i also wanted every months sponsor roundup to be a little bit different, just in case the same sponsor chooses to stick around for more than one month. hopefully this new format covers all those bases!

so without any further ado, i present to you, decembers sponsors:

first up is allie, of call me sassafras:

allie, why dont you take a minute to introduce yourself:

Sup guys! My name's Allie and I like whale sharks, folk music, science, and graphic design. I'm awesome, I know. In blogging, I hope that by shamelessly accepting my quirks, I will inspire other women to radically embrace their own quirks. When you visit Call Me Sassafras, expect to find that science isn't scary, a happy life is your choice + that pretty things are important. Oh and there will be sarcasm. Just a heads up.

and what do you want most for christmas this year?

For Christmas this year, I'm hoping for some new calligraphy supplies (a hobby I'm trying to get into) + a new iPhone (I still have the iPhone 3 and constantly complain about it #firstworldprobs).

next up is amber of mr thomas and me

hello amber, please tell us more about your blog:

You can catch us over at Mr. Thomas and Me where we talk all things life -fun, food, faith, and cocktails! We're enjoying life as a young-married couple sans kids -but with a wildly spoiled pup, Hazel- learning what it looks like to live out marriage in the every day. Amber's the voice you'll find on the blog (other than when Hazel takes over) while Jason provides the pretty face that keeps people coming back time and again. Currently we’re settling in to the Christmas season with lots of flannel pajamas, cups of tea, and a new series, 12 Days of Nativity, that documents our holiday traditions and festive moments throughout the month of December. 

and what are you hoping to get for this christmas? 

This year I asked for a pair of Turquoise Cowboy boots. Boots are my kryptonite with a special debilitating power that's present in the point toes and pizazz of cowboy boots. Jason's more practical wishing for a new hoodie and some more jeans the wear to work. 

and last but not least, we have shannon and stacie of s & s ink:

what do my readers need to know about you ladies?

So we are sisters who like to ink things. We love nerdy, geeky, and freaky things and not to exclude the whimsical, frilly, and darling things too! We both sew, silk screen, and create things that we can't resist. We hope that you can't resist too!

and what are you asking for this christmas?

Christmas list... Tauntaun sleeping bag..... just kidding

Ok seriously.... booth fees for the Star Trek convention or even more realistic, a nice time with family and friends.

wasnt that fun? i hope that youll take a few minutes to check out (and follow!) each of these lovely ladies, youll certainly be glad you did! i also want to take a moment to thank each and every one of my sponsors, large AND small, because your support really, truly means the world to me!

now, if youre a blogger reading this, and youre thinking "hey this looks like a lot of fun!" and youd like to be featured in next months sponsor round up, good news! i have plenty of spots open for january, AND the first four people to use the code NEWFRIENDS at checkout get 50% off! check out my sponsorship page for more details. 

and i suppose in the interest of fairness i should also answer this months discussion question... so what do i want for christmas? 

oven mitts. im serious. we had some really nice ones that i got at my bridal shower that had  neoprene palms and were super heatproof and grippy, but i accidentally put them in the dryer like, six months ago and theyve been falling apart ever since. so if someone were to get me some high-end oven mitts for christmas, theyd be my favorite person, ever. 

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