Tuesday, October 1, 2013

third quarter coupon statistics

its that time again, time for me to get all nerdy about my coupons. ive really been looking forward to doing this post, because, well, honestly.... im not using that many coupons anymore. 

why? partly because of my diet, partly because summertime is a really bad time of the year for coupons, and partly because weve just overall been spending a lot less money. so naturally i was curious to see how this quarter would look compared to the others (you can see my other statistic posts here and here). 

just as i had expected, my total coupon savings went down, i only used $147.72 of coupons (as opposed to last quarters $240.25), as did my overall savings, which was $625.30 (last quarters was $738). im not at all upset about this, because i HAVE noticed a major decrease in what im spending to begin with (which is great). also, my percentage saved per transaction has gone way up, from 37% per transaction last quarter, all the way up to 41%! 

so even though were using less coupons, and our "savings" dollar amount has gone down a bit, were not only spending less, but saving a greater percentage of what were spending (if that makes sense), which is totally awesome. not as awesome as our total cumulative net grocery savings (after subtracting newspapers and printer ink) is $2064.59. 

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