Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 church christmas party part two: the actual party.

let me tell you a little something about my mom: she is the best at parties. also, she wont admit that shes any good at parties (she always says she just copies stuff she sees in magazines/pinterest) and never wants anyone to draw attention to the fact that shes the best at parties. especially the decorating part (a gift which i very much did not inherit). 

so basically my entire motivation behind this post is to draw attention to my moms awesome party throwing against her will. obviously its going to be a different type of post than youd normally find over here, but somebody needs to draw attention to the wonderful job she did (because she sure as heck isnt going to). 

our church christmas party is usually exactly what youd expect from the words "church christmas party", its held at church, at christmas time, and generally features a catered meal, dessert, and christmas themed entertainment (usually the sunday school classes singing and/or somebody reading the christmas story out of luke).  

but this year my mom was in charge and she did things a little differently. first off, she hired a choir for the entertainment:

which was awesome

she also magically transformed our church into a lovely christmas dinner party. which is a totally huge deal because our church is in a really ugly office building and really takes a lot to look like anything other than a really ugly office building. 

from what i can remember my mom telling me, there were a couple things she didnt do (that were still super cute), like the foyer:

and the drink table:

(my favorite part was the cute little hot cocoa bar):

the main motif for the centerpieces were these painted wine bottles:

accented with candles, ornaments, and pine cones:

which were also used to mark the table numbers:

but the best, best, BEST part of the decor were these insanely awesome banners that she made using lyrics from the songs that the choir sang:

i mean, is that not the greatest thing youve ever seen? (also the most extremely difficult to photograph thing youve ever seen). so please, if you know my mom in real life, please make a big deal about how perfect the church christmas party was. 

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