Thursday, December 5, 2013

alices very first ballet recital.

as you may have read in mondays weekly wishes post that alice had her very first ballet recital on monday. 

and it was literally the cutest thing. EVER. so please bear with me while i take a few minutes to be excessively mom-braggy because look at alice sporting the worlds smallest ballerina bun:

looking back at the pictures a few days later, my first impression is that i am really disappointed with the image quality. because the lighting in the gym is absolutely terrible and having five wiggly little girls in the foreground kept making my camera want to focus on the wall behind them. but after a few minutes i remember that i need to stop being such a photography snob because a little bit of grain and some bad exposure doesnt change that alice did an absolutely fantastic job at her first ever recital. 

well, except for the first dance where everyone kept turning to the side to watch the teacher for directions:

and then alice, well, completely disregarded what everyone else was doing and did her won thing:

which was only very embarrassing, BUT she (and all the other girls) really pulled it together for the remaining dances:

i mean, as much as two-to-four year olds can:

and it was awesome. especially because alice is so little and this is the first class of any kind shes ever taken, she definitely impressed me with how much she learned in just eight weeks!

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