Friday, December 27, 2013

christmas with the meyers family.

happy friday everyone! so, i had originally scheduled a nice long break from blogging for after christmas, but since i ended up taking a (longer than intended) break before christmas, ive decided that im back. 

and today im talking about our super crazy exhausting christmas festivities. 

christmas for us started on monday (they day before christmas eve) when we drove down to san diego to jamess grandparents house (which btw, is where we got married). jamess grandma throws a giant christmas eve dinner every year, and this year he wanted to go down early so that we could hang out for a while before the big party. 

as much as i hate, hate, hate sleeping at other peoples houses, this ended up working out perfectly, because once the party started, there was absolutely no relaxing happening with alice running around with her bigger cousins:

and tackling and almost seriously injuring her only smaller cousin (alice loves babies, but unfortunately hasnt learned how to love babies gently). by the end of the night they were best friends though:

there was also lots and lots of (some very serious) dancing:

before alice totally flipped out about santa (great-grandpa) coming to deliver everyones presents (which is especially funny because she LOVES jamess grandpa, but, we dont do santa at home so i guess she thinks hes scary):

thankfully she calmed down for presents, which was a little overwhelming (for me) because while she only got a couple toys, she also got approximately three hundred pairs of shoes from jamess mom (though i suppose thats way better than if she had gotten say, three hundred stuffed animals):

then once the party was over we made the very long drive back home to do it all over again at our house:

alice was really excited about her new rairity pony (surprisingly hard to find for a mass-produced toy, now we just need to find an applejack and well have the whole mane six):

but then when i tried to take a picture of her with her cinderella doll she gave me this cheesy fake smile:

after we cleaned up presents we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast (kind of a tradition in my family):

because of going to san diego and my stupid stupid celiac disease, we werent able to have the homemade cinnabon cinnabon rolls that my mom always makes, but the udis makes a frozen cinnamon roll, that when topped with homemade frosting, is pretty satisfactory. no homemade cinnabon, of course, but satisfactory. 

THEN in the afternoon we went to my moms for even MORE christmas:

(alice was not amused at the pajama pants hat my sister made for her):

and now comes the part where everyone gets mad and hates me forever:

my mom made a beautiful prime rib and salmon dinner, with baked potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts (my contribution), and homemade bread:

which we ate outside. on a beautiful sunny 80 degree day. with most of us barefoot. winters here are brutal

then once it got dark we (along with my sisters) went for a drive through out local "christmas lights neighborhood" or whatever you want to call it:

alices favorite part? the giant jack skellington, obviously:

so needles to say after all that im pooped, and really, really, really glad that next christmas is a very, very long time away. 

how was your christmas? what did you do this year?

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