Monday, December 2, 2013

weekly wishes #11

happy monday everyone! hope you had a great thanksgiving!  i know we did, twice. first at my aunts (where alice only ate mac and cheese):

and then at my dads where alice, james, and my dad had a super-cute drum circle (and to my surprise, alice ate mac and cheese and sweet potato fries):

actually i guess we had thanksgiving three times because friday before work we went to my moms for even more thanksgiving. it was fun. 

i know last weeks post was a total bummer, but im happy to say that taking a week off was definitely needed. i wouldnt say it was exactly a productive week, but i did work way more hours than usual, have three thanksgivings, and it turns out i was fighting some kind of flu because i basically spent the entire weekend feverish and sleeping. 

but all things considered it wasnt a bad week, plus i learned that working retail on black friday really isnt all that bad provided that you work a closing shift at a store that has their better holiday deals on saturday. 

also, im feeling a lot better about whats going on this week, because:

1. alices very first ballet recital is this afternoon!

2. ive got a very exciting giveaway going up tomorrow!

and 3. im starting a new knitting class at my churchs homeschool co op on wednesday!

since i dont have wishes from last week to revisit, ill just go right into this weeks goals, so i can try and get december started in a good direction:

1. catch up on emails and spend more time on my sponsors. obviously i wasnt doing a very good job at this since i was spending a minimal amount of time online, so id like to get back on top of things. 

2. finish decembers blogging calendar. this is something id normally have done at the beginning of last week, but you know, time off... but ive also been having sort of an identity crisis content-wise, so i also need to re evaluate exactly what im scheduling for the upcoming month. 

3. finish the christmas gift list. this week is working out perfectly so that right after i get paid for my knitting class, joanns is DOUBLING our employee discount for the weekend. so, if i can figure out gifts from my work for the last few people on the list, then ill be 100% done with christmas shopping three weeks early. 

4. pull out the christmas decorations. ok, i am SO not into decorating (like, at all), but i guess since its officially december we can put up our like, three christmassy things. i guess. 

so thats what ive got going on for the week, what about you?

The Nectar Collective

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