Monday, December 9, 2013

weekly wishes #12

happy monday everyone! and i truly mean that from the bottom of my heart, because im feeling really good about today/this upcoming week. 

why? well, mainly because last night i made pizza and it didnt taste like dirt and i got full after two pieces so theres still more pizza in my fridge to eat for dinner tonight. if youre familiar with gluten-free baking at all youd know that bready (as opposed to cakey) things tend to come out really brittle and flakey, and it makes everything super disappointing. well bobs red mill makes a pizza crust mix that makes a normal thickness (though not quite normal tasting) pizza:

AND it doesnt cost a million dollars (you can get it here on amazon for only  $4). so since pizza is basically my #1 motivation in day-to-day life, id say that this week has definitely gotten off on the right foot. 

so with that said, lets get on with weekly wishes shall we? starting with last weeks, of course:

1. catch up on emails and spend more time on my sponsors. sort of. yes i did catch up on emails and yes i did spend more time on my sponsors but i dont really feel like i did enough because it was still a pretty busy and crazy week. 

2. finish decembers blogging calendar. done! AND i even made sure to schedule in a post-christmas break so that i dont get myself burnt out again. 

3. finish the christmas gift list. the list is done AND about 90% of the shoppings done too (just need to pick up the easier gifts for my brother, brother in law and a couple cousins). 

4. pull out the christmas decorations. this one ended up being a bit more difficult than id anticipated, but in the best way possible, because my mom got us an actual christmas tree:

which on one hand is wonderful because we totally dont have money for a christmas tree and i was just going to make do with the little plush christmas tree jamess mom gave us when we first got married, but on the other hand it kind of caused some problems with alice, who simply could not comprehend why christmas tree ornaments are not new toys for her to play with (though she eventually did come around and is finally leaving the tree alone, and now that shes not crying about the ornaments anymore, thanks mom, the christmas tree is great!).

and since i did so well on last weeks wishes, im totally pumped to get going with this weeks, which are:

1. address/send the christmas cards. our christmas cards actually got here last week, but i hate, hate, hate addressing envelopes so ive been ignoring them. so tonight after alice goes to bed we really need to get started on them (and i have to not forget stamps next time i buy groceries). 

2. respond to comments/comment on other blogs every day. if youve been following along with my weekly wishes lately, you know that things have been really difficult and stressful lately, and ive REALLY been sucking at comments. but comments are really important so i NEED to get back on track. 

3. start seriously working on cleaning out my closet. honestly im about a year overdue on this and need to just do it. also my sister told me about selling clothes on vinted, so i think i want to try that out since a lot of what im getting rid of is decently cute and in good shape, it just doesnt fit me anymore. 

so those are my wishes for the week, what are yours?

The Nectar Collective

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